Foodbuzz Festival: Saturday Morning

Saturday morning started early.

Annelies from Attune Foods is a San Francisco resident and offered to take a bunch of us on a walking tour of the city. The walk began at 7 am and, undaunted by the early hour, we started with a pretty massive hill.

We walked to the Grace Cathedral in Nob Hill, which is famous for its Ghiberti doors and its labyrinths.

One of the labyrinths is outside of the cathedral. Naturally, as bloggers, we immediately thought to pose with it. And naturally, as a blogger, I climbed a little bit to get the best angle for the picture. 🙂

We walked throughout the streets and took in many sights as it got brighter.

One of the best parts of the tour was when Annelies introduced us to a hole-in-the-wall focaccia bakery with “the best focaccia” (either in San Francisco or in the world… I don’t remember which she said).

Either way, it was fantastic.

We sampled the raisin, rosemary and jalepenos cheese focaccias.

The rosemary focaccia went unpictured, but it was hands down my favorite.

We also ventured to Chinatown, which I thought brought some of the best sights.

Eventually, we headed back to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel (the host hotel of the Foodbuzz Festival), where we checked in for our Breakout Sessions, which were food blogging workshops.

First up for me was “It’s a Snap: Hands-On Photography Workshop.”

It was held by Laura from The Cooking Photographer and Marc from No Recipes. They were not only informative and helpful, but they were also pretty funny.

At the end of the workshop, we were all given free reign of various photography stations at which to practice what we had just learned.

Next up was “Great Catch!” which was a live demo of a meal of fish tacos, hosted by Alaska Seafood and led by Chef Mary Sue Milliken from Border Grill and Two Hot Tamales.

I just thought you might want to see that massive fish.

I also thought you might want to see what most bloggers look like most of the time: with their cameras practically attached to their faces. 😉

Finally, I attended “Food Blogging Guide to Success (Whatever That Is!),” which was moderated by Ryan Stern, the Foodbuzz Vice President of Publishing & Community, and led by Tina of Carrots ‘N Cake (who, as you know, is a favorite of mine), Da of Kitchen Corners, and Steph of Lick My Spoon.

(In the picture, go from right to left to put the faces to the names).

The best part about this session was that each of the bloggers was so different from the other and therefore, the panel offered a variety of perspectives.

Next up in installment #4 of the Foodbuzz Festival: The Tasting Pavilion!


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4 responses to “Foodbuzz Festival: Saturday Morning

  1. So cool you got to see Tina! Love her. Also, your pictures are so beautiful!

  2. how cool! i wish i had gotten to meet annelies!

  3. Heyy girly! I am so jealous you got to go to the Foodbuzz Festival! I hope that I am able to go next year. I absolutely love your blog and am a new follower


  4. The walk looks like it was a lot of fun! I wish I had ran and gone on the walk.

    Can’t wait to see the next installment!

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