Foodbuzz Festival: Saturday Night Gala Dinner

On Saturday night, Foodbuzz had the hookup.

We wined and dined at the famous Ferry Building.


First, I walked over with Andy, Amanda, Jessie and Jessie.

When we got there, we were greeted with (more) wine and many glasses to fill.

Though my liver protested (kidding… mostly), I wasn’t about to leave them hanging.

For much of the time outside, I chatted with these two lovely ladies.

Amanda and Yelena.

Appetizers were passed…

… but, other than tasting the two above, I mostly abstained. I was still vaguely full from the Taste Pavilion and wanted to save room for the epic dinner ahead!

Speaking of which…

It was held up here:

I know, right?

Even the details on the wine glass-covered tables were beautiful.

I was lucky enough to sit between Yelena

…and Andy.

They were a lot of fun. 🙂

Some of the rest of my table:

Raya, Laura, Amanda and Andy (again). There were more bloggers at the table, but sadly, I didn’t manage to capture them on my camera.

There were four courses and each of them was paired with a wine. I managed to drink each of the first three but simply could not manage the fourth and final wine.

First Course

Each course was served with bread, but I only had one piece, with this course.

Second Course

Hands down, my favorite course. Also one of my favorite tastes of the entire weekend.


(This was the only wine I remembered to capture. The blurriness of the picture also sort of reminds me of how I felt at this point!)


I hated it, obviously.

Ahh. What a lovely evening.

I’ll tell you one thing’s for sure: Foodbuzz knows how to throw a party.



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5 responses to “Foodbuzz Festival: Saturday Night Gala Dinner

  1. Neil Patrick Harris!

    GAH!!!! I said this already but dude…I need a redo.

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  3. hi! I finally made my way over here and wanted to say hello and hope it’s OK that I stole a picture 🙂

    I’m so glad we got to meet- your pictures are gorgeous and I had no idea about your weightloss story. You look phenomenal. Hope you are well!


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