Foodbuzz Festival: Sunday Morning Brunch

The final official Foodbuzz event! The Farewell Brunch.

I’ll admit… by this point, I was pretty tired and pretty food-ed out. In other words, I wasn’t all about this brunch.

In fact, when the lines started going crazy, I was almost more inclined to stay seated.

But then, what kind of food blogger would I be?

So, I took some (dark, sorry) pictures of the set-up…

(That’s the chef!)

… and then eventually put together a plate.

I got one each of the Country White Bread and Pork Sausage Gravy, the Roasted Vegetable Spanish Frittata, Cinnamon Nutty French Toast, and Yogurt Parfait…. but really, all I actually wanted was the fruit. I ended up ignoring the french toast entirely.

What I did care about at this brunch was spending more time getting to know and then saying goodbye to other bloggers!

Prepare for way too many pictures of me.

Roomie picture with Laura, Heather and Raya:

Got to chat with the stunningly beautiful Mama Pea!

With Mara:

Finally got to meet one of my blogging idols, Kath!

She was so sweet and attentive and taught me a lot about my camera settings very quickly. That girl is a rock star.

With Janetha, one of the sweetest girls ever:

The Two Boos with Janetha:

With Eden (a fellow LA blogger!):

With Lewis and Ashlee again:

With Melissa, one of my favorite people I met this weekend:

And finally, for one of my favorite moments because it was with three of my all-time favorite bloggers (and all SoCal bloggers, too!), I snapped a picture with Melissa, Monica and Bobbi!

Doesn’t it seem like I was at a celebrity-ridden event?

I guess I kind of was!

And with that, the Foodbuzz Festival was over….

However, I have one last installment to write, as I hung around in San Francisco for a few hours more. 🙂



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7 responses to “Foodbuzz Festival: Sunday Morning Brunch

  1. It was so great meeting you too!

  2. I was sort of over brunch too. It was all about saying goodbye at that point.

  3. Raya

    I loved reading all your recaps, it was so much fun!!! It was so awesome meeting you, definitely keep in touch! And P.S. you’ve got some awesome camera shots over the course of the weekend-Great job!!!

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  5. i am so glad we were finally able to meet! the weekend couldn’t’ have been better, eh?

    i can’t wait for our socal christmas!!! i’m so stoked we’re finally doing something after feeling like there was no blogger in socal to hang out with!!!!

    ((hugs)) if you ever want a weekend in the mountains, just let me know! i have a completely extra room!!!

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