A Perfect Day, Part 4: The End

Once we made it home from the Santa Monica Pier, we turned on the first season of “The O.C.”  (a classic, obviously). I think something about the pier got us all in the mood?

With the sweet sounds of “California” in the background, we (okay, I)  made a comfort food staple for dinner (which reminded us of our mom – miss you, Mom!).

Pasta with egg, cheese and peas. Hits the spot every time, especially on a cold night.

While I had definitely had my fill of wine for the week (okay, month), a special occasion called.

You see, the reason for my sister’s visit is that LA is a stop on the way to New Zealand, which is where she’s moving for a little while.

Naturally, we had to “cheers” to her adventure.

Not all of us, however, were drinking wine.

Mark was craving… rum?

To each his own. 😉

And the fun didn’t stop there! Mark found the energy to bake a fudge pie and toffee chocolate chip cookies that night, but – and this is a true testament to how food-ed out I was this weekend – I barely took a bite of the pie and ate only half of a cookie. I brought the pie to work for co-workers the next day and Mark brought the cookies to a class of his.

After Foodbuzz, I just wasn’t in the mood to eat anything decadent.


Sam was only here for so long, and – let’s face it – a trip to LA without a taste of Yogurtland is simply not a complete trip to LA.

So… we went to Yogurtland.

While it was old hat for Mark and me, Sam had to get used to the experience.

It’s a tough decision…

… but you’ve got to make it.

I wasn’t very hungry at all and almost didn’t get any…. but then I saw that they had started serving Snowflake Mint (!!!).

So… I had to. But still, I got the smallest cup of yogurt I have ever gotten at Yogurtland. It was almost shameful.

Actually, looking at the picture, you can’t really tell that it’s a smaller cup. But seriously… it wasn’t much.  Mine’s on the right. Covered, naturally, in chocolate chips  (as it should be) plus one lone mini cookie. Sam’s, of course (by default), is on the left.

We returned, watched a little more of “The O.C.,” and then, after all of the excitement… we crashed.

Like I said… a perfect day. 🙂



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6 responses to “A Perfect Day, Part 4: The End

  1. I haven’t tried the Snowflake mint from Yogurtland! I’ve got to get on that.

  2. a day that ends with yogurtland IS perfect!

  3. I have to agree with Lynn – yogurt is my home! 🙂

  4. snowflake mint?!?!?!?!? omg i need to come home just to go to yogurtland!!!!

  5. So agree about the necessity of a Yogurtland visit with out of stater guests!

    I have to try that new mint kind asap. Yum yum!

  6. The OC + Yogurtland is the best end of a day ever.

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