Black Balls

Did I get your attention? Oh, good. 😉

It’s Tea Tuesday! And, after two weeks of doing Tea Tuesday on days other than Tuesday, we actually remembered/ were available on a Tuesday!

Today’s picking: Black Balls. Well, that’s what Kim and my boss call it, for fun.

Yes, Mom, seriously. Stop laughing.

The real name: Black Dragon Pearls Black Tea. Still fun, but not nearly as fun as “Black Balls.” I think Kim and my boss have it right.


In a new mug this week! Pretty, right?

While this wasn’t my favorite tea (very strong and bitter), I enjoyed it the way I might enjoy a Guinness. While I tend to like sweeter, lighter, and fruitier teas (and beers), I also enjoy darker, more bitter varieties as well – but slowly and with more focused appreciation of the complexities.

Lunch, a few hours ago, was less exciting in that I’ve already had it twice on the blog, but totally exciting in taste.

I seriously loved this Thai Curried Rice & Beans. A lot.

Really, I’m just in love with that sauce. I’d love it on just about anything. I’d probably love it on… bananas.

Okay, not bananas. But you know what I mean.

Snack was another new love from Trader Joe’s (seriously, I’m starting to think they should hire me).

European Style French Vanilla Mint Lowfat Yogurt.

Big fan. I’m really into yogurt lately but this also satisfies a non-fruit sweet tooth.


Oh, and… I’m still listening to “Club Can’t Handle Me.” Still.

Have any of you started joining in on Tea Tuesdays? I want to hear about what teas you’re trying and enjoying!


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7 responses to “Black Balls

  1. Every day is a tea day for me. I seriously drink 3-4 cups a day.

  2. I would love to join in on Tea Tuesday, but I don’t really care for tea most of the time. And coffee is too damn good.

    And the club can’t handle me either.

  3. Also, I need to top using Amanda’s avatar.

  4. LOL black balls? So amazing.

    Why haven’t I seen that yogurt? It looks amazing!

    I should join in on tea tuesdays as I am OBSESSED with tea!

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  6. I need to get that yogurt, freeze it, and then put it in my Magic Bullet with chocolate shavings! YUM!

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