Dr. Tea’s

So, speaking of tea

Quick disclaimer: While I was sent these samples for free, my opinions are entirely my own.

A while back, a friend of a friend sent me a bunch of samples from his company, Dr. Tea’s.

That was in the summer. I figured I’d wait until it got a little bit cooler, but, as I mentioned, October brought an insane heat wave to Southern California. Finally, on a rainy weekend a few weeks ago, the cool weather offered the perfect opportunity to break the samples out and use them to warm up.

First, check out the amazing collection of teas (and other goodies!) I was sent:

(You can even see the rain in the background. How’s that for ambiance?)

While I’m obviously most excited about all of the tea I’ll be having this fall and winter, I’m also really excited to try out the meat rubs, too. How fun is the concept of a tea rub for chicken and meat?

Almost overwhelmed by all of our options, Mark and I ended up settling on one of the simpler flavors: Vanilla Rooibos.

First, I put the strainer in my mug and then put a few pinches of the tea into the strainer. Then, I poured the hot (previously boiling) water into the strainer.

I let it steep for a few minutes, then I pulled the strainer out of my mug. (Mark preferred his without the strainer).

Then it was ready, so I took a sip.


I was happy. 🙂

Mark tried his too…

…he may have fogged up his glasses a little bit. 😉

It was a perfect cool weather treat.

Check them out!



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2 responses to “Dr. Tea’s

  1. I LOVE vanilla rooibus. Good choice!

  2. I am excited to see how the meat/poultry rubs turn out! I always have a hard time finding fun, new spices.

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