Photo Shoot

I realized I never posted the pictures from the “photo shoot” Sam (my sister) and I enlisted Mark for before she left for NZ. We took a bunch because, well, it’s been a lifelong journey to get good pictures of us. I think we did okay this time around, despite being in, as Sam called, it, a “dumpster-chic” environment.

Enjoy! šŸ™‚

Then Mark said, “Be a tiger! A tiger!”Ā  Naturally, we obliged (who wouldn’t?).

We got pretty silly.

But we eventually settled down for something we could send to our parents.

(Until we started laughing again.)

I miss her. šŸ˜¦



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5 responses to “Photo Shoot

  1. How fun! I love your dress by the way!

  2. awww nice! You got some really cute ones! Such pretty sisters!

  3. Aw you two are cute! This makes me miss my sisters.

  4. Did you hang out with us today? The reason I am asking is because we also made Dough cookies.. How funny.. We loved them and Ashlee is going to write about our experience in the morning. Have a great Night

  5. Aw you two are so cute!

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