To remind you, I’m supposed to run a 10K on Thursday.

This afternoon, I went to my orthopedic surgeon. The same one who told me, in the first place, that I have runner’s knee.

To be honest, post-appointment, I’m kind of more confused than I was before. Basically, he told me that, like he told me last time, I have runner’s knee. That he’s not concerned about the clicking at all. That the clicking is simply another symptom. That I should continue to avoid hills. That I should continue to take ibuprofen. That I should do all of the stretches and exercises he told me to do.

Run if I want to, don’t run if I feel like I shouldn’t.


I do want to run, but I don’t like the clicking at all. It makes me feel like there’s constantly something wrong with me.

However, he doesn’t seem to feel that I’ll be worsening the clicking or the runner’s knee if I continue to run. You know, somehow.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to tentatively (as in, walk if I need to) run the 5K (and not the 10K) on Thursday and see how it goes. It’s also a flat course, which makes me feel okay about it. I’ve decided to use this race as an indication of where I stand and how I’m feeling.

In the meantime, I’m wearing a knee brace during the day and I’m going to be really careful to ice it right after the Turkey Trot. And, should I continue to run, I’ll ice it after every other run after that.

Anyway, by the time I was back from the doctor’s appointment (scheduled to be during my lunch break), I was starving. And that’s despite the granola bar I’d snacked on to tide me over.

In the granola bar’s defense, it did work for a little while. But I’d had an early breakfast, since I’d come into the office an hour early this morning, so the late lunch was tough on my empty tummy.

Thank goodness I had leftovers from last night’s dinner ready to go.

Chock full ‘o veggies.

Anyway, I could really use your thoughts about my knee and running. Who has experience and therefore personal expertise on this? What should I be doing here?



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6 responses to “Conundrum

  1. Have you thoughts about visiting a physical therapist? I think it is odd that they are not giving you a diagnose of some sort.

    I use to have issues with running and found out that it was because of my worn out shoes and not enough stretching and strength training. I was told that I have weak IT bands and I had to build up my strength in my legs through more concentrated lower body lifting.

  2. I am pretty sure i have undiagnosed runners knee along with an ankle injury i have had surgery on and i just jeep running. I just take it easier and don’t run as much as u did a few years ago. My sisters knee clicks all the time and has for years and she is fine running short distances.

  3. i agree with monica about a physical therapist. they know their stuff way better than most doctors when it comes to running problems.

    as for now, i would just take it easy and see how you feel!

  4. amy

    I hate to say this, because I understand where you’re coming from, but I agree with the physical therapist comments. Additionally, I would definitely not run the 10 (or 5) K this upcoming week. There will always be races in the future; however, if you continue to run on a damaged knee, you could make it even worse and, potentially, irreparable. And the only thing worse than not being able to run in this race is not being able to run long-term. It may be painful right now, but getting a second professional opinion (hopefully accompanied by a more useful diagnosis/advice on what to do!) might save you a lot of trouble and pain in the long run (no pun intended…).

  5. According to what I believe (and I asked Andrew about this as well), the clicking is nothing to worry about, so long as it doesn’t hurt. Also, the distances you’re doing aren’t likely to hurt it unless you’re like running flat out. If it starts to hurt while you’re running then I’d say just walk for a bit until you can run again without it hurting. My knees sometimes click when going up the stairs–it’s just your patella moving around a bit, and if you’ve already got runner’s knee it’s probably going to happen more often, because basically your patella is slightly off-centre. So yeah, just be aware of it, and stop and rest if it starts to hurt. 🙂

  6. I’ve decided that we are twins in the knee area. Damn Ron for not putting a spell on them.

    In all seriousness, my appointment with an orthopedic surgeon was similar. He said the clicking was NORMAL. What the heck? But seeing a PT was excellent and so worth it. Hopefully you can call the Ortho and request a referral.

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