A TJ’s Disappointment?

FACT: The day before Thanksgiving should be a day off. The work before the meal is just as important as the meal! I have so much cooking to do between now and feasting time tomorrow.

In other news, something rare happened today: Trader Joe’s disappointed me.

I know.

Well, I mean, it wasn’t a complete disappointment, but I just wasn’t thrilled. I decided to try their new (I think? It’s new to me, anyway.) refrigerated Hearty Minestrone Soup, so I paired a container of that (two serving’s worth) with a piece of toast with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (not my first choice, but it’s what we had in the office).

Meh. It was pretty salty. And not that flavorful. And…. well, I could do better (and I will). I only ended up eating about 2/3 of it before I just decided I was over it.

Thankfully, TJ’s made up for it with my afternoon snack, which was their awesome chocolate yogurt. Such an easy, healthy way to satisfy a chocolate craving.

Much better than the cupcakes that are being passed around the office right now for the second day in a row… which  makes this the second day in a row that I’ve turned cupcakes down.

Who am I?

Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and thank goodness for that, because reminding ourselves of that for which we’re grateful is really important. And, in my case, it’s well-timed. I’ve been kind of cranky lately.

What will you be making for Thanksgiving? If you’re not making it, where are you going?


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3 responses to “A TJ’s Disappointment?

  1. I’m making chestnut porcini bisque, warm goat cheese salad, cranberry merlot sauce and white chocolate cranberry biscotti.

  2. I love trader joes soup but have never seen that kind. I just made monkey bread and vegan mac and cheese! To die for!



  3. try their lentil soup; that one is really good with crusty bread!

    i’m making the turkey for my family and our turkey day on friday. i know, the vegetarian making the turkey? yep, and hopefully i won’t f’ it up! haha!

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