How I Spent My Four Day Weekend

First things first: Congratulations to Sarah and Hallie,  the two Foodzie Tasting Box winners! Email me so I know that you know you won, but I’ve already sent your email addresses along to Foodzie and you should be hearing from them soon.

Though much of my beautiful four day weekend was spent either at Thanksgiving dinners or preparing for them, the time off also allowed me to just relax.

A good part of my weekend was spent at home watching “Felicity” on DVD (I’m so very addicted).

A good part of my weekend was also spent meandering. I went on a couple of walks just to get moving (on sore legs after the Turkey Trot!) and make use of my camera.

I also saw some of the first Christmas decorations!

Mark and I started to decorate our apartment, but I’m going to wait to show you all pictures until we have a tree.

I also tried to do some Black Friday shopping, but I thought the sales were kind of lame. I got a few things, but I’m not sure anything I bought was actually on sale for Black Friday. I think they were just there in the stores!

While Black Friday and my walks offered some light cardio, I also attended a spinning class that kicked my butt. It was glorious. It was also very comforting to attend a class and not be hurt by it. This means I can go again!

Foodwise, other than my Thanksgiving meals, I was pretty boring and repetitive. I had a lot of eggs. And cheese. And starches. And that’s why my meals tended to look kind of similar, especially color-wise…

An egg & cheddar sandwich on multi-grain bread.

A cottage cheese, cereal and pear bowl.

A baked potato with sour cream and cheddar.

A non-Thanksgiving highlight of the weekend: getting together for coffee at Intelligentsia in Pasadena with a few other LA bloggers. We didn’t even really mean for it to be an official blogger meet-up, but we each just randomly ended up inviting someone else!

I loved the space and enjoyed the vibe. It’s very hipster. Check out the (very talented) baristas:

I’d never been to Intelligentsia before, but I’ve been intrigued for a while. LA residents definitely know about this place and I didn’t want to be in the dark any longer!

The coolest aspect is that they make your drink entirely to order. As in, they brew your specific drink on the spot.

I got an iced (it was so warm yesterday) soy latte and a maple pecan scone.

The coffee, predictably, was awesome. The scone was… eh. Definitely not worth the astronomical price I paid for it.

Even though I was too hot for it, I wish I’d gotten a hot drink. Look how pretty Sophia’s was!

I want a heart! I guess I’ll just have to go back.

In attendance were Sophia, Lynn, Amanda and Andy.

Naturally, a lot of picture-taking went on. One of the baristas referred to us as “paparazzi.”

I guess he was kind of right!

How about you guys?

Did you find any great Black Friday sales?

Did you start decorating for the holidays?

Did you try something new this weekend?



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11 responses to “How I Spent My Four Day Weekend

  1. Foodzie emailed me! Thanks. I wish I was in LA so I could go to those meetups…well, actually no I don’t wish I lived in LA 🙂 I wish you all lived in San Diego! Heehee.

    I am SO excited about my winnings! Thanks for hosting the contest.

  2. congrats to the winners – I *LOVE* getting Foodzie boxes!! 😀

    that egg sandwich… looks fabulous.

  3. Lucky winners! 🙂

    It was SO good meeting you again, Kaitlin. I saw you briefly at the Foodbuzz Fest, and Amanda kept raving to me about how awesome you are, but I didn’t really get the chance to experience your awesomeness for myself until yesterday. Yay!

    But booo sorry I can’t attend your potluck…but I look forward to reading about it! 🙂

    p.s. Get the cappuccino next time! How can you say no to a hot milky, frothy drink that sends hearts to you! 😉

  4. I am ingrigued by Intelligentsia now…I’ve seen it before but haven’t been there.

    Black Friday is totally overrated! I never bother to shop that day.

  5. haha, i love that we picked the same winners! hallie opted out of mine, so i ended up choosing another. how random…or not!

    and i wish i could have been at your unofficial blogger meetup! i want to see all of you again!

  6. I agree, Black friday is overrated. I shopped on Friday but it was for myself (hey I needed sweaters!) Also, I’m not a big egg fan but that sandwich looks pretty good.

  7. It was so nice seeing you again as always! I loved my pretty coffee and the company. I didn’t take any good pictures of people as per usual. I think we need to make sure we get an awesome group shot next time. With cookies.

  8. actorsdiet

    ha – we are the paparazzi!

    let’s get together again soon. still so sad i can’t make it this weekend. have a blast. you’re all invited to come see my concert that night at 7pm!

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