This Is What A Migraine Looks Like

(In Food. Mostly.)

I fell asleep on Sunday night with a migraine that had hit me suddenly and hard. I hoped I’d wake up headache-free, with the migraine just a distant memory.

I hoped wrong. Monday morning began with me waking up to go to the gym, walking as far as the bathroom, and realizing I was in trouble. No gym for me. I went right back to bed.

(Well, I called my mom for a pitiful “I don’t feel well” pouting session first. I’m 24 years old. No big deal.)

I woke up again at 7:30 and pretty much went straight to Starbucks and CVS. I had some migraine supplies to get.

Morning cocktail: Coffee and Excedrin. (Parrrtay!)

Breakfast: coffee #2 of the morning and cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter.

It definitely did not help that my office’s heat was broken yesterday.

That was awesome.

Lunch: tomato soup and Wheat Thins.

Dinner: homemade Tortellini, Kielbsasa and Spinach Soup (recipe from Runs With Spatulas)… minus the Kielbasa.

I kind of (read: totally) failed. Never use vegetable broth as a soup base unless you’re a vegetarian. Chicken broth is so superior.

Lesson learned: I should (almost) always listen to my mother.

Dessert: Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Tea.

Actually, that’s my roommate’s tea (and its not the Candy Cane one), but his mug was so much prettier than mine that I decided to use a picture of his instead.

And early to bed.

Monday Morning Workout

Non-existent. I was fast asleep.


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9 responses to “This Is What A Migraine Looks Like

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Does excedrin work? I have yet to find anything that works for my migraines. I just lie in my bed and hope for it to be over… 😦

  2. Oof! Hope today is treating you better. I always make the same poutey calls to my mom as well. Its why their there.

  3. It must be migraine weekend, everyone I know has had one.

  4. I hate migraines. I’m so sorry! They are the worst.

    Extra coffee usually helps me a little. And fluffy pillows.

  5. haha you are SO right about chickie broth being better than veggie broth. My mom advises caffeine for headaches too, although she prefers her caffeine in the form of chocolate. I am so my mother’s daughter.

  6. Aw that sounds awful 😦 I hate it when you wake up and the headache hasn’t gone away. You pretty much just expect sleep to cure everything lol. If I have a caffeine withdrawal headache then coffee would work, but otherwise I would probably stick to nurofen plus and water 😛

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