Tree Shopping

We got our tree last night!

We got a Douglas Fir tree, which smells beautiful and would give the whole apartment the essence of Christmas even without all of the other decorations.

Last year, when Mamito (my previous roommate) and I got our tree, the salesman told us to save the stub from the end of the trunk and make an ornament out of it. We saved it but forgot to make an ornament out of it, and she’s gone now. Sad. Anyway, I’ll at least write the year on it. Mamito, you have to come back so you can sign it!

The point, though, is that when I tried to ask the salesman this year for the stub, he looked at me like I was crazy! Does anyone else do this? I really want to know if this is actually a tradition. It’s not one that my family upheld while I was growing up.

Anyway, our apartment still isn’t entirely decorated, so I’m not going to show off all pictures yet… but I will share with you the tree before decorations. 🙂

Meet Douglas. You know, short for Douglas Fir. That’s what we named our tree.  😉

Clearly, I was all about taking pictures and letting Mark do all of the work. 🙂

So, here’s Douglas before decorations…

And you’ll have to tune in over the weekend for everything all together.

We spent the rest of the evening decorating the tree with what I thought was a Christmas movie on in the background. Did anyone else see “Everybody’s Fine”? It was really depressing! I actually didn’t finish it but I was very disappointed to see that a movie that was marketed as a Christmas movie was really anything but.

Anyway, since the night was spent doing other things, I had no idea what I was going to do for dinner and was very happy to see that Mark had made a an artichoke & white bean dip.

He’s very talented in the kitchen!

I spread that yummy goodness on a piece of toast and then topped it with a (crazy, cartoon-character-looking) fried egg and a sprinkle of parmesan, romano, salt and pepper.

This was so good, especially for something that just randomly came together. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’ll put a fried egg on just about anything!

Even though I’m not posting any real pictures of the tree yet, I’ll share this much:

Woo Christmas! 🙂

Have you put your tree up yet?



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7 responses to “Tree Shopping

  1. haha, I thought that artichoke dip had a popcorn topping! That’s a great idea to save the stub to make an ornament – memories!

  2. Can’t wait to meet you and see the decor!

    We are supposed to go get our tree tonight. I just can’t wait!

  3. Jennifer

    The first year my parents were married, they had a living room with no furniture, so my father decided to get the biggest tree he possibly could find. The problem: it was a good foot too tall for the room. They lobbed about eight inches off the bottom and a bunch off the top and ended up with a stubby looking tree. Thirty-one years later, that eight inches of tree stump, “Mr. Tree,” comes out every Christmas and takes up residence in our nativity scene.

  4. Yeah…I got weird and put my tree up a week before Thanksgiving. I just got too excited for the holidays.

    Did you play the ‘teach me how to Dougie’ song as you decorated Douglas?

    I haven’t seen Everybody’s Fine because when I saw the trailer I thought it looked too depressing. Kind of like the movie Family Stone, holiday movie with too much sadness wrapped around it.

  5. I need to get my tree out! I have a little silver one my mom sent me last year. Time to break it out!

  6. Sarah

    I’m just going to put this out there…..I love Mark’s pants.

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