Got My Foodzie Box!

I have to say, if I do say so myself (and I do), I can be pretty skilled in the kitchen.

This Hearty Minestrone Stew that I made last night (recipe to come this weekend!) is kind of fantastic. It’s a stick-to-your ribs, warm-you-right-up kind of meal. And, just hours after finishing lunch, I’m craving it again.

I had actually been kind of toying with the idea of getting lunch from the food truck at the office today, as it was a taco truck and I’ve had a craving for tacos ever since I had the best taco of my life at the Foodbuzz Festival Food Fare, but then I realized how much I was looking forward to the lunch I’d packed.

I’m so glad I stuck with it! Plus, it was perfect for warming me up. I’m a little chilly in the office today.

Now, for the main event! I’ve been so excited to show you this all day today. Look what I got in the mail!

Remember that awesome giveaway I did the other day? Well, Foodzie is so wonderful that they gave me a tasting box, too!  If you follow me on twitter, you already knew this… but if  not, I got this package and thought, “Happy Friday to ME!”

Want to see what’s inside?

Of course you do.

Each box comes with five different samples. Foodzie also gives you a card describing each item. I’ll write each one out, below.

1. Alfajores Cookies


Local Michigan milk is combined with sugar in a copper kettle and transformed into a milk preserve, dulce de leche. The creamy, sweet spread is layered between two buttery shortbread cookies and enrobed in dark chocolate from a local chocolatier.

2. Heriloom Cranberry Beans


A hearty variety of heirloom beans grown in a small-scale farm in South Central Idaho. Used in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, cranberry beans are plump, pale pink with maroon markings. They have a rich, earthy, yet mild flavor.

Also in the box was a recipe in which to use the beans. I’m excited about that too!

3. Bacon Peanut Brittle


This standout bar snack from an East Village neighborhood restaurant in NYC is more savory than sweet. Crunchy peanuts are tossed lightly with maple syrup, a dash of cayenne, thyme and small chunks of salty, smoky bacon.

4. Parmesan Flatbreads


A simple but addictive cracker topped with a peppery extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and a sprinkling of exceptionally good Parmesan Cheese. A percentage of each sale goes to the Native American community to celebrate the company’s namesake, Raggatha.

5. Fleur De Sel Caramel Popcorn

479 Degrees Popcorn/ San Francisco, CA

This sweet and salty snack starts with locally-sourced organic heirloom popcorn kernels popped in heavy copper kettles. While it’s still warm, the popcorn is tossed with a buttery organic caramel and delicate, flaky fleur de sel.

I think the content and variety within the box is great and there is literally nothing in it that I am not incredibly excited to try.

In fact, I kind of already got started. You see, it’s Coffee Bean Friday today and I usually consider my latte to be my afternoon snack on Fridays, but the coffees came really late today and, well, the Foodzie box was right in front of me.

Admittedly, I cheated on my own rule about not having sweets this week (except for on Sunday), but I feel okay about it. The Foodzie Tasting Box delivery became a special occasion.

So, I jumped right in with one of the Alfajores cookies.


It wasn’t what I expected (somehow I expected something softer?), but it was incredible. I savored it over a few minutes (I’m a really fast eater, so this is crazy for me!) and enjoyed every single crumb. I’m so excited that I have another one, too.

My only complaint about these boxes is that I think they’re a little steeply priced at $19.99/ month.

Oh, and when my NSA Vanilla Soy Latte came, I took a few sips, but it was really too late in the day for me to have caffeine at that point!

But a few sips still made for a CBF. 🙂

Did you celebrate Coffee Bean Friday today?



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2 responses to “Got My Foodzie Box!

  1. That is a great variety of items! I love that it shares information on where it is from and it feels so local.

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