Garlic Convert

I had the exact same thing for Monday night’s dinner as I did for yesterday’s lunch, except that dinner had one small potato and lunch had two. I’m learning that I need a lot of food at lunch but much less at dinner. Is anyone else like that?

Since Mark is an awesome roommate, he threw three small potatoes in the oven for me as I left work on Monday night so that, by the time I got home after a quick trip to Trader Joe’s, they’d be ready. He also sauteed some broccoli for me (leftover from the veggie tray at Sunday’s Cookie Exchange!) in unrefined coconut oil (so much better than the refined version). Is he great, or what? I’ve also learned that I need to eat ASAP after work, as food keeps me up at night and I’m usually in bed by 10pm on weeknights because I’m a senior citizen I wake up so early. So, Mark starting my dinner helped me a lot!

Anyway, I topped the baked potatoes with nonfat plain greek yogurt, a little butter, light cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, and Parmesan Garlic Gold Nuggets. I had the broccoli on the side. Well, I had it on the side for the dinner version of the meal.

For a sense of portions, that’s a (chipped) dessert-sized plate as opposed to my usual dinner-sized one.

For lunch yesterday, I just threw the broccoli together with the potatoes (on a bigger plate).

By the way, I used to hate garlic. And I mean, I really, really hated it. Or, I thought I did. I avoided it at all costs. I’d order dishes at Italian restaurants, much to the chef’s dismay (and, let’s be honest, my Italian family’s), without the garlic.

I was looked at like I was crazy.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when in the past year, I realized just how much I love garlic. Dragon breath be damned, people can deal. So, once I discovered my new found love for garlic, I cannot tell you how excited I was to try  Garlic Gold. After hearing all about it on other blogs, I was basically dying to try it and, happily, they agreed to send me some samples.

Check out the goodies I got:

Garlic-infused Olive Oil, Garlic Gold in oil, four different kinds of Garlic Gold nuggets (Parmesan, Sea Salt, Italian Herb and Original), and Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette.

I am most enamored with the nuggets. And of the nuggets, I most love the Parmesan (I think you all know I love parmesan at this point) and Sea Salt (no surprises there, either) varieties.

Garlic Gold also has a holiday gift box, so if you have any garlic lovers in your life, well, you have a ready-made gift for $25. Easy-peasy. 🙂 In fact, I just sent one to my mom for her birthday!

(I can say that already because she didn’t wait to open her gift. Sigh.)

Anyway, I’d be remiss not to mention the desserts I ate after each of those meals. After Monday night’s dinner, I broke off a part of the big piece of Melissa‘s amazing Peppermint Oreo Bark that I saved from the exchange.

And, after yesterday’s lunch, I had a pear the size of my hand!

It was also Tea Tuesday, so I carried the tradition on even without Kim here. I made myself a cup of Cacao Mint (my favorite). I enjoyed the tea with a S’mores Luna Bar. They paired nicely!

Do you have any foods that you used to think you hated and now love?



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8 responses to “Garlic Convert

  1. oh garlic, how i love thee. always have, always will!

  2. Besides desserts, I cannot think of a culinary situation where garlic is not appropriate. Nope, not one.

  3. Claire

    Garlic was one of the few foods in my childhood that I didn’t need convincing to eat. Yum. Glad you’ve embraced it.

    Mushrooms are my convert food. I always loved the way the smelled, but never liked the taste. Now I’m pretty much obsessed.

  4. Garlic is the greatest ever! After making a “grossed out face” whenever my mom ate Brussels sprouts when I was growing up I now love them. Go figure.

  5. I only recently started reading your blog but I wanted to chime in and say I’ve found I do much better through out the day if I eat more at breakfast and lunch and less at dinner. It’s still a work in progress because I am so used to eating very little all day long and then gorging at night.

  6. Yum, I love garlic too! And, I agree with you, I always want way more food at lunch than I do at night….more energy to help make it through the day!

  7. I used to think I hated all seafood but now I really love shrimp and scallops. The scallops at Foodbuzz totally converted me.

  8. Garlic Gold is seriously wonderful. You get the flavor of garlic without a nasty, sharp leftover taste in your mouth. Not sure how they do it, but I am hooked on their products.

    Randomly enough, I use to hate a bunch of types of fruit that I now love – pears, peaches, nectarines….

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