Celebrations Begin

Since my friend Amy won’t be able to make it to my official birthday celebrations, she and our friend Nicki treated me to a wonderful (early) birthday dinner last night. Let the celebrations begin! You only turn 25 once, after all.

We went out for dinner and drinks to a place I think I’ve written about before on here, Lucy’s 51 in Toluca Lake. This time, however, I was there with my camera and had a few minutes to kill (I showed up early) before the girls showed up.

I started off trying to capture the decor, which is pretty funky.

I love that the lighting behind the liquor bottles in the bar changes (neon) colors.

As much as I loved the lighting on the liquor, though, I wasn’t about to drink any of it. I just about never drink liquor. Wine, though? I’m all about wine. So, I cracked open the menu…

… and ordered myself a glass of Sauvingon Blanc with three minutes of Happy Hour to spare.

It was actually a really nice glass of wine and I wish I’d asked what kind it was.

Soon, Amy and Nicki arrived and we sat down for dinner. While I love a lot of things about this place, I can say pretty safely that the service from our waitress was not one of them. For starters (aside from her constant smirking… maybe she had a tic?), she gave me an outdated menu and when I ordered a portabello sandwich, she told me it wasn’t an option. When I showed it to her on the menu, she acted like I was the one who had made the mistake. Yea, okay.

Anyway, I ended up ordering a vegetable and goat cheese sandwich (sans onions).

Please excuse the ugly flash.

The vegetables were good, but the bread was totally greasy. I basically ate all of the vegetables and goat cheese out of the middle of the sandwich and made my plate a graveyard of bread. I also ate a handful of the fries but ended up leaving most of them. This was a move that surprised even me. I love french fries.

Good thing I saved room, though, because Amy brought me a cupcake! How cute is she?

I blew out the candle and made a very serious wish. I can’t tell you what it was, but I bet you can figure out what it was.

The cupcake, by the way, was a blue velvet cupcake from Aroma Coffee & Tea Company.

No, seriously, though, it was blue. Check it out with flash.

Isn’t that nuts? The cupcake was actually pretty light and reminded me quite a bit of corn muffins (which is a bonus for me, as I love corn muffins). I split half of it with the girls there and and shared the rest with Mark at home.

What a lovely evening! A big thank you to the girls for taking me out. 🙂



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2 responses to “Celebrations Begin

  1. awww happy birthday from one sagittarius to another! it looks like a totally cool place i want to celebrate my birthday at in 12 days. hope year 25 is the best one yet – lots of love to you girl!!!

  2. What a cool looking cupcake!

    Happy early birthday! Have a wonderful weekend of celebrations!

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