Me Against the Fox

So I had a stand-off with a fox yesterday morning.

I’m actually being serious.

While I was out on a run, I skidded to a stop when a fox ran out and stopped about 20 feet in front of me (in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, for the record). I didn’t know what to do, but I was afraid that running toward or away from it would be a bad idea. So, for about 30-ish seconds, we just stood there, staring at each other. And then, he turned and went his way, and I went mine. I didn’t get far, though, before a neighbor who had witnessed the event stopped me to talk about it for a minute.Β  As I told him, the whole ordeal wasn’t necessarily scary, it was just… weird!

Anyway, the run was otherwise (thankfully) uneventful. I feel like my muscles are finally starting to relax into running again (as in, they’re no longer screaming, “WTF” when I run, but instead whining something more along the lines of, “Aww, really? C’mon, five more minutes?”). I also felt as though I quickened my pace yesterday morning, but the fox stand-off and resulting conversation threw off my pace-calculating app.

Of course, all of this pace quickening and loosening back into running business is really for naught, since I’m going to stop running (at least for the rest of 2010) after Saturday.

Anyway, this morning most definitely called for a smoothie, especially since I wore layers but certainly could have been okay with just a t-shirt. Overheating = smoothie time.

Into the mix went:

  • 3 ice cubes
  • big handful fresh baby spinach
  • 1 scoop Greens & Whey
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • tbs nonfat plain greek yogurt
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/3 cup frozen cherries

On top:

  • drizzled melted coconut butter
  • Go Lean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax

I swear I’ll change my toppings someday. Just… not today.

Lunch today was pretty much scrounged together as I was out late last night. I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s will be the same kind of deal.

It was also inspired by Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers.

On a Flat Out wrap, I spread one piece of cheddar cheese and a few apple slices. I folded it over, made it a quesadilla, and threw it in the toaster oven under broil for a few minutes.

Just FYI, broiling apple slices makes them taste caramelized and it’s amazing.

On the side, I had baby carrots and celery slices with edamame hummus and a few big green grapes.

It was a lovely, produce-filled plate.

I also thought the best taste combination came when dipping the quesadilla in the hummus. I love sweet + salty + savory.

I was oh-so-excited about snack, as it was a new flavor of Larabar about which I had had seriously had high expectations.

Chocolate. Chip. Cookie. Dough.

The thing is, that kind of flavor title brings about these high expectations. The bar, sadly, fell short. I did enjoy it, though. It just wasn’t everything I wanted it to be.

25 Days of Good Deeds time…

25 Days of Good Deeds for Christmas, Day 9

One of my favorite bloggers, Holly from The Healthy Everythingtarian, really gets the credit for doing the good deed of the day. All I did was donate. Please check out Holly’s post about this wonderful cause and, as always, it would be wonderful if you wanted to donate as well.

Thursday Morning Workout

5 minute walking warm up

3.12 mile run (a practice 5K!) in 38:48, technically giving me a pace of 12:21 (but that’s ignoring the whole fox and conversation part)

5 minute walking cool down



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4 responses to “Me Against the Fox

  1. jen

    That’s crazy about that fox!!!

    LOVE apples and cheddar, putting it under the broiler makes them both taste a lot better.

    I tried the cookie dough larabar too, and really was disappointed 😦 I did like the peanut butter chocolate chip one!


  2. waaaaaaaaas it FANTASTIC MR. FOX??!!!###!!!????????

    that is really quite crazy – we do have a surprising assortment of wildlife here in the city, don’t we? Last year, when I was driving to my soccer game (and I mean like driving up the hill/pulling into the complex) there was a giant sign that said “Caution: Mountain Lions”. It was crrrrraaazy. We have seen foxes and deer in the woods…..but always behind the fences. Nothing up close like your Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    I have seen foxes in my neighborhood too (but I never had a stare down and I’ve always been in my car) and saw a rabbit yesterday on the way to work.

    And we have an enormous amount of feral cats in our area.

    I’m not sure what about your post inspired me to list EVERY stray animal I’ve ever seen in Los Angeles, but I did it. There. It’s done.

    You’re stuck with it.


  3. you are amazing.

    thank you for the linkback, and i think your 25 good deeds for Christmas is an inspiring, giving and fabulous way to celebrate the season!

    hugs and love.

  4. Cheese and apples is such a good combo πŸ™‚

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