The remainder of my birthday, post- Christmas Run, went by in a blur.

When Mark and I got home, we immediately started cleaning the apartment for the party. We got so wrapped up in doing cleaning, in running errands, and in me fielding many a birthday phone call that we didn’t even notice that we hadn’t yet eaten lunch until about 4:00pm, when both of our stomachs rebelled in hunger. All I’d had to eat that day was a piece of almond butter toast and a Clif Bar! (Don’t forget, I had a tummy ache. I couldn’t stomach much food for a while.)

Fortunately, Daphne’s wasn’t far away. I ordered a falafel salad and…. basically inhaled it.

In fact, that iPhone picture was taken after I’d already shoveled a few bites into my mouth. I kept forgetting I was a blogger this weekend!

Anyway, since we had such a late lunch, I didn’t really have enough of an appetite for a real dinner. I just snacked on a few crackers and a little cheese.

Before the party started, Mark also gave me his gifts. I just want to give Mark a little shout out here, because he seriously went all out in making sure I had the best birthday ever. I am so grateful for good friends and he has shown himself to be one of the best.

He gave me three cards (two funny and one sentimental. The one I’m reading below is clearly sentimental, given the sappy look on my face), an ornament and an awesome gift: a cast iron skillet! I cannot wait to cook with it!

I look like I was literally swooning over the skillet. That’s probably because I was.

When it was almost time for my little birthday party, I got all dressed up in a black dress with green tights and an ugly Christmas sweater (the theme) and then completely failed to take even a single picture with my outfit in it. What a fail!

Anyway, the first party guests soon arrived and we did a “cheers” to my birthday with some pink champagne. 🙂

When everyone else arrived, we celebrated by playing two of my favorite party games: Flip Cup (in the garage!) and Kings. Clearly, I’m a classy lady.

Other than the champagne, I didn’t drink much. I had one Winter Abbey Ale and a couple of Bud Lights over the night (for Flip Cup and Kings, of course) but didn’t really feel like having anything more.

There was also, of course, cake! Homemade by Mark and absolutely amazing. As you probably know by now, almond is my favorite flavor. So, Mark made a three layer almond cake with orange buttercream filling and covered in fondant with marzipan decorations.

I know.

Is he great, or what?

My piece:

He also made S’mores cupcakes, which were amazing but sadly went unphotographed. However, we froze the leftovers and I’m sure I’ll be breaking them out sometime soon.

Anyway, I didn’t take many pictures but I had a wonderful time with some of my best friends. It’s hard to get many friends together for a birthday party during the holidays, but the friends that were able to make it made me feel incredibly loved and special.

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes as well! You all made me so happy. 🙂



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7 responses to “25.

  1. I love the look of joy on your face when your embracing that skillet. Wish I could have been there looks like your party was awesome and that cake looks delicious. Kudos to Mark on the THREE cards. Way to go all out.

  2. I love the skillet love. You look so in love. It’s adorable. Such a food blogger thing to do!

    Mark is so awesome. I can’t believe how awesome that cake looks. Tell him Amanda is way impressed!

    I still need to learn flip cup…

  3. Laura @Backstage Pass

    Happy Birthday, Kaitlin! Looks like you had an incredible time 🙂 and what a sweet boyfriend you have!

  4. ah, what a fun birthday!!!!

    and tell mark that cake is amazing! i want one for my bday next year! lol!

  5. Mark

    Ha! I look like such a goof. What was I, wasted? Oh yeah!

  6. YUM. that Daphne’s salad looks fantastic. And the cake looks yummy too…I love the colors! Sorry I’m a bit late wishing you a happy birthday but I think I totally already gotcha on facebook, so we’re square, right?

  7. What an awesome birthday and an amazing roommate! Glad it was a great birthday for you! 🙂

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