A Morning of Treats

Sunday was my first completely full day at home and it started with this:

Since I knew I’d be traveling for the holidays, I asked Julie to send her granola (which I’d won through Tina‘s bake sale) to my parents’ house in Connecticut.

All I have to say is…


This stuff is insanely good. Like, my-new-favorite-granola good. Julie knows her stuff! Obviously, I majorly incorporated it into my breakfast.

I paired it with my mom’s favorite oatmeal, which is the frozen steel cut oatmeal from Trader Joe’s.

I love my own oatmeal, but I also loved this. It’s a great (but expensive, comparatively) option for eating steel cut oats, which usually take a lot longer than 5 minutes and more than a microwave to make.

You start with this:

And you stick it in the microwave. Five minutes later, you have this:

I topped it with the granola, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries… but first, I mixed this in:

I know. Totally weird to add butter. But this was kind of genius and amazing. My mom tried it first and honestly, the buttery cinnamon toast taste was great.

The berries were actually surprisingly fresh and flavorful, especially for winter… in Connecticut.

My mom and I spent the morning running errands, and then before I knew it, the time had come for me to meet for coffee with one of my friends from college! I don’t think I’ve seen Melanie since I graduated (and let’s not even talk about how long that’s been), so it was absolutely amazing to see her.

I got myself the same coffee I’d had the day before – a Soy Peppermint Mocha with one pump of each syrup. A treat!

But the real treat was seeing Melanie.

One of the best parts of being home is the chance to see all of these people from my past. Living across the country can be kind of hard, especially since I usually only come home at a time everybody else is traveling, too. I see different friends every time, but it’s always so wonderful to see the people I get to see each time!



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4 responses to “A Morning of Treats

  1. Mark

    OH MY GOD MEL!!!!!!!!!!! Aww I’m jealous. I hope you too had fun.
    In other news you should know that my family has made and consumed your casserole recipe 3 times in 4 days. It’s pretty good, I GUESS!

  2. Cinnamon toast butter? omg omg. I really want that!

  3. Everything is better with butter! YUM!

    I so agree about the treat of visiting with friends from back home. It is so rare that I get to see folks and it is so nice to reconnect.

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