Christmas Eve

In my family, we have a “tradition” in which the children go out with my dad on Christmas Eve to do some last minute shopping. Usually this entails bringing a list my mom has written out for us so that we can ensure that she actually gets things she wants.

Ah, the spirit of Christmas. 😉

Actually, thank goodness for that list, as it makes the hectic nature of that day just a little bit less hectic.

Anyway, knowing how early we’d have to go out (most stores around here close around 3pm on Christmas Eve and we had a few places to go), I headed to the gym at 7am. I did 55 minutes on the Arc Trainer (love that thing), followed that with an hour-long strength class (but skipped the stretch so I could claim my bike in the next class), and finished with a 45-minute spin class.

It was epic. Best start to a holiday, ever. Except maybe when I ran that 5K on my birthday. Which is totally a holiday, in case you were questioning that.

I came back and made my 8 millionth yogurt bowl of the month.

I bought this Siggi’s yogurt at Whole Foods the other day and had been pretty excited to try it.

This stuff is crazy thick. It was great, but I actually still prefer Chobani. Goes down easier.

Into the mix went:

  • Siggi’s Orange & Ginger yogurt
  • Julie‘s Healthy Homemade Granola
  • raspberries
  • blackberries
  • blueberries

And with that, I was off with my dad and brother to go shopping. No Sam this year. 😦 She celebrated Christmas in New Zealand.

I soothed my spirits with my new favorite drink: an Americano with an inch of steamed soy milk and one pump each of Peppermint and Vanilla. Heavenly. And so many fewer calories than a latte!

While shopping, I also caught sight of this guy:

Mid-life crisis Santa. Funny.

It was nearly 3pm by the time we made it home for lunch. Happily, there was lots of leftover veggie pizza. I ate two pieces, minus the crusts.

And then I made some cookies. 🙂

As my belated Christmas present to you all, I will eventually get around to sharing the recipe with you.

Eventually. Let’s be honest, I only wrote about the 22nd today. It’s the 26th.

Back to Christmas Eve.

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for my dad’s side of the family to come over for Christmas Eve dinner.

My mom is incredible at a lot of things, but one of the things at which she is most talented is making our house look absolutely beautiful. I’ll just give you a teaser for now, and then share more pictures of our house all decorated for the holidays in my Christmas day post.

Anyway, I started the celebration off with a glass of champagne…

… and ended up kicking an entire bottle by myself that evening.

I wish I was kidding.

It’s my dad’s fault, though. He’s the one that kept refilling my glass.

We started with a few unpictured (actually, pictured, but too blurry to share… blame the champagne) appetizers, cheese and crackers.

We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner: my mom’s famous lasagna. Both vegetable and meat varieties.

My sister, brother and I are, by now, like a well-oiled machine in terms of getting people seated and getting the plates out to everyone. This year, however, Sam was gone and I was missing in action. Good thing Daniel was there to do a great job all by himself.

I sort of helped get people seated. And by “sort of helped.” I mean I took pictures of people sitting down.

That’s my Nana taking a picture of me taking pictures. It’s like she’s a blogger or something.

I wish I had better pictures to share with you, but I was too busy getting drunk socializing with my family.

We also had some salad. Gotta have your greens!

My plate (a little of both lasagnas + salad):

Sorry the flash blew it out. We had the lights very low. Flash was necessary. Also, alcohol exponentially decreases my picture-taking skills with each glass.

And there were a few glasses.

Dessert was a reverse chocolate roll, also made by my talented mother.

She usually makes a chocolate roll with whipped cream filling, but she switched it around this year.

She still, however, made whipped cream on the side.

It’s decadent.

She also made a chocolate sauce and served berries, both of which I managed to somehow not photograph.

My dessert plate:

I was too full to finish it (who am I?), but it was fantastic.

Soon after, it was time to hit the hay. After all, Santa was coming!

25 Days of Good Deeds for Christmas, Day 24

In spin class, when it seemed the instructor was going to have to give up her bike, I offered her mine. After all, I’d already had a pretty complete workout. Fortunately, someone who had signed up on the list ended up not coming to class. So, both the instructor and I ended up being able to get our spin on. 🙂 But still, I offered!



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6 responses to “Christmas Eve

  1. Mark

    Kaitlin, you are doing a terrible job of not working out while you are home. Really, the level of effort you’re putting into this is abysmal. I totally telling on you. Don’t ask me who! You know who! Yeah that’s right, I’m telling Voldemort. And he will be PISSED!

    I love the bottle of champagne. Brings me right back to 2006. It was Andre’s I trust.

  2. Mark

    I’m really disappointed in the amount of grammar and spelling errors in my previous comment. I should have proofread. As penance I’m going to donate my collection of brightly colored pants to a poorly dressed family.

  3. squigglefloey

    A reverse chocolate roll? Genius! Looks like you had a wonderful xmas eve. I love reliving the recaps slowly with the bloggers haha, makes the holidays seem to last longer 🙂

  4. looks like SOMEONE had a fun christmas 😉
    that all seems so nice though. like the picturesque family x-mas.
    is your mother gonna share that reverse chocolate roll CRAZINESS recipe anytime soon?i vote yes please!!!

  5. That reverse chocolate roll looks AWESOME!!!! Are you trapped in the snow today?

  6. Um did I read your post correctly? Did you really work out for nearly 3 hours? Holy moly that is like a mini boot camp!

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