When we went to bed on Christmas Eve, the living room looked like this:

And the stockings looked like this:

When we woke up, Santa had paid us a visit and it looked more like this:

Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before (I’m pretty subtle about it), but I really love Christmas.

This year’s Christmas was great, as always, but a little strange. We usually have about a dozen people at our house to celebrate the day, but this year we not only didn’t have guests, but we were also down one of our own with Sam missing. It was just my mom, my dad, my brother and me.

And the dogs.

Most Christmases, Sam, Daniel and I wake up early and go downstairs to look at the tree together and open our stockings. This year, it was a little different. We all slept in pretty late (except for my mom, who never sleeps late).

We started off with a breakfast together. Traditionally, we’ve had a pretty intense (read: lots o’ butter) coffee cake for breakfast, but for the past few years we’ve tried out a few different versions of coffee cake and things to serve with it… mostly because all that butter has given me a stomachache almost every year.

This year, we had a lighter version of the coffee cake, eggs, english muffins and OJ.

We didn’t end up opening presents until about 1pm!

One of my favorite parts was when Daniel and my dad got Snuggies.

But it just wasn’t the same without my sister.

We all had leftover lasagna for lunch…

… but stopped eating for the afternoon after that, keeping in mind that we had a big dinner in the works.

I spent a lot of time that afternoon baking for our Christmas dessert.

I also spent a part of the afternoon visiting some family friends, who were having an equally lazy Christmas. 🙂

When I got home, it was time to make dinner!

On the menu:



Gruyere & Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes (which I made – a non-vegan take on Emily’s recipe).

Peas and Honey Glazed Carrots

My plate:

Orange Sponge Bundt Cake for dessert:

Oh, I almost forgot! Last one!

25 Days of Good Deeds for Christmas, Day 25

Two locals newspapers, The Stamford Advocate and The Greenwich Time, hosted a giving fund this season. My family donated to one of the cases – but for the sake of privacy, I won’t say which. I believe they’re still open to donations, so feel free to join!

I hope you all had a merry, merry Christmas!


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3 responses to “Christmas

  1. Jen

    Looks like a very Merry Christmas!!!!


  2. what a great christmas! my brother wasn’t here this year and it was totally weird. and on top of that none of the kids woke up at my parents house, so they felt empty. poor parents.

  3. What a lovely Christmas! And I have never seen such cute stockings before that aren’t the traditional socks.

    Sorry about missing your sister for the holidays, hopefully you all got to video-chat or talk on the phone at least. 🙂

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