New Year’s Camping: Part I

This New Year’s Eve wasn’t supposed to happen. Seriously, it wasn’t. My flight was scheduled for Friday morning, but the snow ended up helping me out (unlike most travelers)! Though I had plans on NYE back here in LA with some of my closest friends, I also get to see them all year round. The friends I got to see on the east coast, instead, are friends I see roughly once a year… if I’m lucky!

So, Will, Michelle, Ed and Katri had rented out a cabin in upstate New York for the weekend, staying from Thursday through Sunday. I drove up to meet them there on Friday morning and left early on Saturday morning, but it was just enough time to have an absolute blast. πŸ™‚

The first thing I did, once I arrived in upstate NY, was to meet them in Woodstock.

Yes, that Woodstock.

Really, this just meant that we giggled like children while trying things on. I’m sure the store clerk loved us.

Or he just thought we were high.

We weren’t, just for the record.

Anyway, I was starving after a long drive, so I convinced everyone to let me stop and pick up something to eat at a bakery called Bread Alone.

Michelle is cursing the sign there because she recently learned she can’t eat wheat.

I probably should have been more sensitive.

But I wasn’t

Next up: Phoenecia, NY

It seems pretty normal, right?

Just wait.


We needed to pick up a few more provisions (which really means boxed cake mix), so we stopped at the best grocery store we could find.

They boasted fresh food on a sign outside, but… I’d have to argue the freshness.

Mmmmm, doesn’t that look good?

Anyway, just as we were gearing up to head to our cabin…

… we met a movie star.

I went all the way from Hollywood to Phoenecia, NY, and met a movie star. This dog will apparently be starring in a movie coming to Sundance this month.

As exciting as the celebrity-sighting was, I was much more excited to check out our cabin and to see Katri, who was waiting there for us!

I was really surprised at how big it was! (TWSS). More like a house, right? The inside, however, was very cabin-like.

The couch that later became my bed:

The living room, which I only ever saw once:

The stairs that led up to the one room of the house I never saw:

The kitchen, and above it, the loft:

The back porch/ backyard:

And then, we realized there was an extra, separate part of the house!

Crazy, right? None of us stayed in there, however. It was a little creepy.

On a side note, I was in love with this door. I love the color! And the shabby chicness of it. So pretty.

Soon enough, our exploring worked up our appetites for lunch. I made a turkey and American cheese sandwich on seeded rye with lettuce, tomato, and mustard.

For a drink, I had what I thought was seltzer.

Turned out it was diet soda. Blech.

Now, remember how Michelle is gluten-free, now? Well, she’s still learning. Her first attempt at lunch was the following:

Funny. Thankfully, she got by with a little help from her friends. We reminded her that she could still have deli meat… so she did much better the next time around by making lettuce wraps with turkey, Swiss cheese and mustard. Thank goodness for that. πŸ˜‰

Coming soon in Camping, Part II: Herbert the Snowman.



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5 responses to “New Year’s Camping: Part I

  1. What a fun trip! I love the cabin feeling!

    Since I eat grain free I find myself eating many lettuce wrapped sandwiches. Sometimes I miss sourdough, but have otherwise become use to it. πŸ™‚

  2. What a pretty cabin and city! Minus the weird stuff πŸ™‚

  3. Herbert is such a great name.

    I love cabins. We stayed in one when we stayed in Oregon last Thanksgiving and it was a blast. I bet it’d be even more fun with friends!

  4. ah, i loved this post b/c i used to be a dead head, phish loving phreak in college. i was also a NYC chica, so i loved your last post in the big apple too.

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