New Year’s Camping: Part II

I’d like to call this post “Herbert the Snowman.”

So, every time we go camping (and we usually try to go at least once a year, though my choice to move across the country has meant that I make only about half of the trips, if that), we make a video. The video is usually highly embarrassing.

Obviously, we look forward to it quite a bit. The only thing I enjoy more than watching myself act embarrassingly is watching my friends embarrass themselves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, we took the camera out to the backyard, unsure of what we’d be doing there other than watching Will attempt to climb into the tree house. Little did we know what an epic photoshoot we’d have out there.

Please note the lack of a ladder.

It didn’t go so well.

Poor Will.

His disappointment really showed when he decided that the best way to get Michelle to come down and join us was to… get her attention with a few well-aimed snowballs.

No success, so he tried a new angle…


So, Michelle bundled up and came down to join us. ๐Ÿ™‚ First things first, she had Will push her on the sled she found.


Oh, and Will found a ladder (we were all thrilled), so his mission to get in the tree house began again.


I was just glad he didn’t fall through the rickety structure.

With the tree house mission complete, we needed a new project.

While we were thinking, Will made a snow angel (with bellbottoms, apparently).

But that didn’t last very long. We needed something else. We were surrounded by snow. What to do, what to do…


Now, I’d like to draw attention to the state of our snowman’s face. You see, there are quite a few pictures that I’m not including, basically because we put him through a few… gender changes.

Poor guy. That kind of thing can be traumatic.

We also gave him quite a few name changes, as we could never remember what our original name for him was – only that it started with an H. Throughout the afternoon, we called him Herman, Harvey, Herbert, Henry, Herb, Harold, and Henderson. At least those. Probably more. And, for a brief time, Henrietta.

He was a tortured soul.

Because we’re all complete and total hams, a photo session ensued. Naturally.

And, of course, we needed some individual shots with Herman/ Harvey/ Herbert/ Henry/ Herb/ Harold/ Henderson.



Katri, before she fell:

And during/ after:

Please note that I clearly felt it would be more prudent for me to take pictures than to help her.


What a ham.

We had something really special, Henderson and I.

Oh, and let’s not forget my afternoon snack.

I like carrots, even in the snow.

Oh, and I know what you’re thinking. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Michelle then game up with a genius idea, so we huddled with Herman.

The plan? To bring Herbert up to the porch, right at the sliding glass door of the kitchen/ sitting area, in order to scare the still-napping Ed.

The final result:

That picture makes me laugh every single time.

But not as much as these do:


Sadly, we never managed to scare Ed with our friend (who, yes, was wielding an axe). We found out later that the reason Ed was napping was because he’d caught a stomach bug! Poor guy.

Next up: The evening celebrations and the aftermath.



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4 responses to “New Year’s Camping: Part II

  1. I am jealous because I’ve never built a real snowman. I lived a deprived life out here in Southern California…let me tell you.

    The scarf reminds me of HP. LOVE!

  2. This post is amazing. And are the eyes made out of oreos?!

  3. You and your friends are awesome and have such a great time together! I love this recap and all the photos!

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