Sushi Newbie

I’d never had sushi before Wednesday night.

Okay, that was sort of a lie. I’ve had sushi, but I’d never had raw fish before Wednesday night. Even after trying it (and liking it!), I still kind of shudder at the “raw” part.

Lauren was my trusty and experienced sushi guide.

I mean, you’d trust her, right? Look at that chopstick expertise.

(I had to ask for a fork. I think Lauren had to resist the urge to hide under the table.)

You’ll have to forgive me for the picture quality, by the way. I am still terribly embarrassed when using flash in dark restaurants. I don’t even like to have my camera out for very long when I’m not using flash. Plus, I was using my crappy point-and-shoot. Anyway, I digress.

We went to a place called Sushi 101, which is a place Lauren frequents in Studio City. Having no preference except that it be good and safe, I was pretty much up for whatever Lauren wanted.

The meal started with this complimentary bean sprout (?) salad. I have no idea what it was or how to explain it. Perhaps one of you knows what it is?

I only ended up having a bite or two. I wasn’t totally into it.

We also ordered edamame to split.

I definitely was into that, but that’s no surprise.

For our entrees, Lauren and I decided that we’d each order one roll for ourselves and would split one roll. To be “safe,” I ordered a California roll for myself.

The funny thing is, I don’t even really like California rolls all that much! I just know they’re cooked, and that gave me comfort.

For her own individual roll, Lauren ordered some scary-looking sashimi something or other. I wasn’t going to go near that. She did offer, but I actually don’t think sheΒ really wanted to share. πŸ˜‰ She has a serious love for this stuff.

Anyway, for the roll we shared, we ordered the Madison roll.

The Madison roll is comprised of spicy tuna, avocado, a crunchy topping and spicy mayo sauce. We got the sauce on the side, simply because I don’t really like mayo.

I actually took a flash picture of that one. Just for you guys.

It was totally embarrassing.

Almost as embarrassing as when I asked for the fork.

They’ll probably never let me back in.

Anyway, the verdict! The California roll remains “eh” to me, but I did actually really enjoy the Madison roll. I still feel like I really have to get used to the texture, but I did really enjoy the taste.

What I enjoyed the most, though?

The company. You totally saw that coming, right?

P.S., the framing of that picture was meant to show you the restaurant in the background. Whaaat a fail. πŸ™‚



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13 responses to “Sushi Newbie

  1. I LOVE sushi. I honestly miss fish so much sometimes that I question being a vegetarian. One of my best friends in elementary school was Japanese and I would eat sushi all the time at her house. Her mom was amazed that a white kid was eating raw fish and loving it πŸ™‚

  2. Sushi!!! I love it. I have to say my favorite is the spider roll. It’s made with soft shell crab, and it’s oh so good!

  3. I love trying new things!! And I hope you love edamame now as much as I do! YUM!

  4. I am a freak but sushi really scares me! I can’t get over the raw part…which probably bugs Andy who absolutely loves sushi.

  5. Also not a fan of Cali rolls….sadly, for obvious reasons. When I started with sushi, I did the same as you…ordered because it seemed safe (I HATED it). My favorite roll is the dragon roll. It’s going to seem scary (it has eel in it!!) But TRUST ME. You will love it! (okay you might not, but I do!) Tweeting you a photo asap!

  6. You’ve never had raw fish!? Oh my goodness. Girl you have to come to Brentwood and we can go to Sugarfish for the best sushi in LA. I love sushi, have been eating it for years.

    Personally, I don’t like California rolls. Its a good intro roll but there are so many other great options. I prefer salmon rolls because 1) its kinda like lox and 2) its tasty. I also love eel rolls, especially when they have avocado. Eel rolls have a tasty eel sauce and you have to try it. Some sushi restaurants have “baked” rolls which might help you ease out of the “omg its raw” thing.

  7. if you’re not into the cali roll get a veggie next time! never anything that’s scary!

    glad you tried the “sushi” though! and that you asked for a fork! you’re just like my brothers!!! (and they’re japanese, such a shame…lol)

  8. yay! if you ever wanna have really traditional, straight up sushi, go to sugarfish – here’s my post about it:

    they do all the deciding for you!

  9. Hey Kaitlin! I just emailed you, I love your blog! It was so nice meeting you today! I love sushi, but usually stick with the non-raw kind as well. Oh and I am totally embarassed to take pics of my food still πŸ™‚

  10. Sushi is sooooo yummy! Dan use to be really weirded out by it because he isn’t a fan of fish, but with an order of tamago his outlook changed. I even get him to eat amaebi now (raw shrimp), but lucky for me he doesn’t eat the shrimp heads and I get those all too myself to enjoy.

    Unagi is also another safe one and it is just cooked eel. Most people really like this as their first go-to sushi piece.

  11. I used to feel exactly the same way about sushi (I’d only touch avocado rolls) but now I’m a huge fan of sashimi and I rarely go for a ricey roll at all!! You’ll get used to it πŸ™‚
    I suggest you give the dragon or rainbow rolls a try – they’re my favorite.

  12. Sushi is AMAZING! It has been way too long for me! I can’t even remember all of the names of the rolls I like the best. When I was working in downtown Toronto, we used to go to Ki and the rolls would literally melt in your mouth! YUM!

  13. Jen

    I’ve never had sushi before either! Partly because I’m crazy allergic to all seafood and party because it skeeves me out πŸ˜‰

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