Out To Eat

I have been out to eat so much in the past week or so. At least half of my meals have been prepared by someone else.

It started on Wednesday night, when I went to Lotus Vegan, a vegan (obviously) Thai restaurant in North Hollywood.

I’d never been there before, but Lauren was sure I’d like it. She was right. As you guys know, I’m kind of obsessed with yellow curry, so my choice was obvious. Well, for the most part. I decided to try seitan, so I got half veggies and half seitan. I will not be making that mistake again. I just ended up avoiding the seitan. Not for me.

The meal started with a salad, which I loved… probably because it was topped with a dressing that was basically made of peanut butter.

The dinner came with rice (I asked for brown) and a spring roll.

I ordered this mild and it was still super spicy to me.

But, I mean, I’m a wimp.

Anyway, that meal was big enough that it was also my lunch on Thursday. And that’s even with avoiding the seitan. In other words, it was a lot of food.

I went out to eat with Lauren again on Friday (I guess I like her). This time, we went with Mark.

It was an impromptu friend date, as I decided I wanted sushi (I’m a new sushi lover, I guess!) and I knew Mark and Lauren wouldn’t be able to turn it down (Manipulative? Me? Nah.). We went to a place in Burbank that Lauren frequents called Tomo Sushi.

This was one of those legit places. In other words, I was kind of intimidated.

(Please bear with my grainy, blurry pictures. You know how I feel about flash in restaurants.)

Anyway, I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what I wanted, so I ended up getting a vegetarian plate. No raw fish. Again, I’m a wimp.

Anyway, the plate was good, but I was kind of confused about what I was ordering. I had been under the (clearly false) impression that the vegetable tempura would be in the roll with the cucumber, so I was sort of sad about that. Oh, well. I still enjoyed it! Well, everything but the salad. I’m pretty sure the dressing on the salad was basically mayonnaise. Gross.

Oh, and we went to Pinkberry afterward. I’ve come to the conclusion that Yogurtland, without fail, makes me sick, but that Pinkberry does not. This is sad because I love Yogurtland (and also because it’s cheaper by far), but I’ll take Pinkberry!

Such sacrifices I have to make.

Anyway, the line was crazy long, so we entertained ourselves by chatting and taking pictures. This one is my favorite:

For my dessert, I got half Coconut yogurt and half Blood Orange, topped with coconut, dark chocolate crisps, and toasted almonds.

It was amazing, just in case you were wondering.

Anyway, I was up early on Saturday morning for spinning, which was, as always, amazing. I was, however, starving by the time class was over. I rushed home and made one of the best breakfasts, ever.

I am, however, going to tease you with that. It’s worth its own post. Plus, I can already tell that this one is going to be ridiculously long.

After I downed that breakfast and took a shower, it was time to head to Silver Lake to meet up with one of my friends, Becky. We have always met at the same Starbucks, but this time I asked her to introduce me to one of her favorite cafes.

We went to the Casbah Cafe, which has a chill vibe and a fun Moroccan theme.

Actually, before we went to the cafe, we went to a nearby Farmer’s Market, which was more “market” than “farmer’s.”

It was fun, but it was definitely more of a “look around and enjoy the eclectic offerings” kind of thing than anything else.

Back to the cafe.

I especially loved the color outside. I think that would have drawn me in even if I weren’t meeting someone there!


Becky and I both got the Iced Mint Tea, which was light and refreshing. However, I’m pretty sure it was just mint and water, which seemed a little cheap to me, but… oh well.

I also got the vegetable pita, which was similarly fresh and light.

It was not, however, enough food. I decided to treat my sweet tooth on the way out, so I got back in line to buy a biscotti.

But then, while I was there, I saw these:

And, well, I couldn’t resist. I mean, can you blame me?

Anyway, I got one of each.

And, I guess between my intense workout in the morning and the lightness of lunch, I was really hungry… because I definitely ate both within an hour of buying them! The scone was awesome. The biscotti disappointed. But… I’m pretty picky with biscotti.

Anyway, I only had a few hours between that meal out and the next. That evening, I had plans for dinner with my friend Ryan.

We went to a Greek restaurant (I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me, but it’s not one I’d highly recommend to fellow LA-ites anyway).

(Oh, and again, please forgive me for the blurry pictures.)

We split a pita and hummus as an appetizer, which I completely forgot to photograph.

I got a Greek salad, which I just topped with lemon juice instead of dressing (this is awesome, by the way), and I got two falafel on the side.

And then, because I’d enjoyed it so much the night before and because we were so close… we went to Pinkberry.

You know, again.

I got the exact same thing as I’d gotten the day before, except I subbed in Pomegranate for the Blood Orange.

I am such a creature of habit. But hey, I get props for switching one of the yogurt flavors, right?


Ryan and I headed back to my apartment to hang out for a little while, and while there, he was intrigued by my foam roller (probably because I’d gone on and on about how much it hurt so good).

He decided to try it out.

He could barely handle it. Everybody thinks it can’t possibly hurt that much until they try it!

Made me laugh. 🙂

Anyway, after Ryan left, Mark and I headed to a party that my friend Nick was having. No pictures, but it was fun.

And, in my post-party tradition, Sunday morning called for eggs and bread. I made a “breakfast pizza” by topping a piece of Naan with Earth Balance, two eggs, and cheese.

Perfection. Seriously, this is the perfect lazy morning breakfast.

Anyway, the rest of my day was totally unconventional. For one, I didn’t watch the game. (I know, I know). Instead, I checked out a cafe in Hollywood called the Bourgeois Pig.

Unfortunately, I captured neither the essence inside (very funky) nor my drink, which was the Iced Chai that they’re known for. It was very good, though.

Much of the rest of the day was spent buying these…


… and setting them up. You don’t even want to know how messy the apartment got from the beginning to the end of this process.

These were partial birthday and Christmas presents (as in, partially funded… this stuff is expensive!), which I had been holding off on buying until the February sales kicked in.

So, we went from this (pulling from an old post with Christmas decorations)…

… to this!

Nice, right? I am so excited about these new additions. I never treat myself to stuff like this, so it’s quite the novelty.

Whew! And now you’re caught up. Maybe I need to get back to writing shorter posts.

Did you check out any new restaurants or cafes this weekend?



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9 responses to “Out To Eat

  1. Foam rolling is the most painful thing ever. Ok maybe not but it really HURTS. I love when people think it won’t be that bad and then they try it and say, “oh man that hurts!” it’s intense!

    Blood orange pinkberry? Dude. I want.

    yay for the new t.v.! So exciting!!! 🙂

  2. oooooo nice new TV!!!!! and that yellow curry looks DELISH. Yellow curry is one of my faves, too =)

  3. Yay, what a fancy TV!

    Looks like you had a great weekend! No new restaurants for me, didn’t even leave my apartment till today for the first time. Boo for being sick.

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog… All those restaurants sound great, especially the Thai restaurant! Mmm… And the breakfast pizza is such a good idea. I’ll try it out soon!

    I didn’t get to go out to eat this weekend, because I spent far too much at the grocery store! All that produce adds up quickly, haha.

  5. Mark

    Of course mint tea is just mint leaves in water! Haha, what did you think it was going to be?

    But I wont make fun of you for that because you didn’t mention that I was the one who took that blurry picture of you and Ryan. Of course….. I guess I just did… WHOOPS!

  6. Haha, I think it’s so funny your friend tried out the foam roller! I’m sure it hurt like hell- which is why I still haven’t tried it 🙂

    I haven’t been to a new restaurant in a while, but a new vegan place opened near me that apparently sells pumpkin cheesecake. I must try it!

  7. actorsdiet

    i walk by the casbah cafe so often (usually to go to intelligentsia!) but have never stopped in. so cute!

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