Almost the Weekend

The majority of the pictures I’ve taken in the past 24 hours have been on my iPhone.

Sometimes it’s just easier not to bring my camera with me.

Also, sometimes, it’s just annoying. 🙂 It’s a heavy camera!

In case you don’t remember it from the last few times I’ve gone (and gotten the exact same meal each time), that’s the Vegetarian Plate from Daphne’s (a Greek chain), with double vegetables as the sides. Daphne’s also now has the option of having a wheat pita, so hooray for that! Always good to take steps in healthier directions.

I took the morning off from the gym again today. I’m definitely not thrilled about it but I’d just rather make smart choices (and, let’s be honest, I don’t always do that). I also only have so many visits left to the PT on my health insurance, so I don’t really want to waste my (or my PT’s) time.

I always kind of forget that when I don’t work out, my appetite isn’t the same. I’m such a volume eater by habit (because I almost always need it) that, on days that I don’t work out, I’m surprised when I get full so much faster. Unfortunately, I’m also a fast eater… so more often than not, I realize I’m full only after I’ve already eaten too much.

Well, that wasn’t the case with my breakfast this morning. That meal was pretty perfect.

Surprise! A yogurt bowl! I know, I never have these. 😉

Into the mix went:

  • 0% Blueberry Chobani (I think this might actually be one of my favorites)
  • handful Probiotic cereal
  • smaller handful Vanilla Almond granola
  • 3 strawberries, sliced
  • blueberries
  • ~1 tbs pecan pieces


I am seriously into yogurt bowls lately. You know, in case you haven’t noticed (I hide these things really well).

Lunch was super random. I hadn’t even planned for anything, but when I reached into the fridge to get my yogurt this morning, I realized I had random produce that could totally be incorporated into some kind of lunch. I brought the remainder of my baby greens, two chopped carrots, hummus, and a little bit of Annie’s Tuscany Italian dressing to work. I knew I’d figure out which to incorporate into my meal come lunchtime.

By the time lunch rolled around, I knew I kind of wanted a sandwich.

I ended up with this:

That’s a honey ham & cheddar sandwich with pickles (so into these lately) & yellow mustard on a wheat sandwich thin, with a side salad simply made of the lettuce & dressing. It worked. It wasn’t quite enough at the time, though, so I also had a handful or two of Wheat Thins and then had the most perfect apple.

I also managed to sneak in a biscotti at some point, which somehow missed the camera. I regretted it later – I didn’t need it.

Anyway, snack was a cocktail of these items:

Well, sort of. I obviously didn’t eat all of that hummus (I actually probably only ate about a tablespoon’s worth) and, hopefully more obviously, I didn’t eat the ice pack. That was for my knee.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this weekend. One hour, nineteen minutes and counting!

Anybody have any fun plans for the weekend? Mine, thankfully, should be pretty low-key. I need that at the moment.



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5 responses to “Almost the Weekend

  1. plus there is something special about a photo taken lovingly with an iphone. have you seen the new telephoto lenses? It doesn’t amp up the photo quality, but you can ZOOM!

    ps that is the skinniest utensil ever! I thought you were slurping your yogurt through a straw!

  2. Wahoo weekend! I am hoping this will be a very good weekend 😉

  3. I wish I had an Iphone, it actually takes good pictures. I bring my point & shoot in my purse and my big camera when th occasion warrants it.

    I love yogurt bowls too, but it’s usually my afternoon snack. I love something hot in the morning like oats + coffee. Then in the afternoon I crave something cold like cold chopped fruits and yogurt or protein shake.

    Have a good weekend Kaitlin. Saw the pics from the hike. I’m sad I missed it. Lets go hike again soon.

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