Clean Street Food (Plus Oats Giveaway Winners!)

I have a few things to get to today!

Firstly, I have the winners of my oats giveaway

Here are the TEN lucky Coach’s Oats winners!

  1. #18: Kate (What Kate Is Cooking)
  2. #6 Katrina
  3. #27 Tory
  4. #3 Claire
  5. #38 Ellen
  6. #21 Pam
  7. #35 Caitlin @ TPL
  8. #15 Catherine
  9. #20 Jennifer
  10. #22 Alexandra

If you’re one of the lucky winners, please email me (kaitlinwithhoney at gmail dot com). Thank you to everyone for entering! It was so fun to see so many comments – plus, I learned a lot of new ways to make oats. πŸ™‚

Secondly, if you weren’t lucky enough to win this giveaway (or even if you were), head on over to Two Boos Who Eat to enter their CSN giveaway. πŸ™‚

Thirdly, be proud of me – though I still had a yogurt bowl this morning, it was pretty different.

This is big.

I made this:

Into this:

It was alright, but honestly, there’s a reason I stick to what I like…Β  because it’s good! This yogurt was way too sugary-sweet. I missed my Chobani. I missed my berries, too.

Oh well. I tried.

The very exciting meal of the day was when we had a surprise (well, to me, at least) food truck at the office today. Now, you know I’ve been psyched about food trucks in the past, but I often find they make me feel sick. The name of this truck, alone, was enough to make me check out their menu.

The name? Clean Street Food.

One thing I was especially impressed about, before I even saw the truck, was that the chef, Jack, personally came into our office in the morning to pass out free samples.

That’s a guy that knows how to market his product! I thought it also showed a lot of pride in said product, which made me even more excited to try it.

I tried samples of the Marinated Steak, Vegan Chickpea Salad, and Grilled Pork. They were all great, but (despite really not being a red meat person), I was pretty quickly sold on the steak.

Check out all of the options, though:

I wanted to try everything! I think I might go for the Thai Chicken next time.

The real treat was when I went down to the truck and talked with Chef Jack for a little while. I told him about the blog (hi, Jack!) and about my clean eating philosophy, which led him to tell me all about his food and where it comes from.

(I’m an ass… I totally didn’t realize that I did not catch his face in the light at all. Whoops. Too bad, too. He’s cute.)

For instance, the steak on the sandwich I got was Australian tri-tip and the cows are range-fed. Very, very cool that Chef Jack cares about where his sources are from and how humane the conditions are.

This sandwich was awesome. The parmesan on the sandwich melted in my mouth, the bread was chewy and doughy (my favorite), and the entire thing was packed with flavor.

Oh, and the chickpea salad was also served on the side! I liked that touch.

The best news is, I don’t feel gross as I write this (usually, after food trucks, I do). It really is all clean food!

Big thumbs up to this truck.

I’ll definitely be looking out for them in the future. If you’re in LA, check them out! You can find them on twitter here, too.



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11 responses to “Clean Street Food (Plus Oats Giveaway Winners!)

  1. Mary

    Nice! I gave them a great review on yelp. Chef Jack was so nice and loved to talk about his food! He told me his favorite was the steak and even though I normally AM a red meat kinda gal, I opted for the Thai Chicken since I was in the mood for something spicy. It was fantastic (there is definitely a kick though, so be advised…only order if you like spicy!). I want to try the steak next time. I’ll definitely eat at this truck again – I loved how I felt afterwards (satisfied but not stuffed and/or sick from too much grease and oil)

  2. Oh wow that looks amazing!! Congrats to the giveaway winners! πŸ™‚

  3. I need to check out this truck! Finally a truck I can eat from and not feel sick after. I’m going to the Santa Clarita food truck fest this weekend and they are going to be there πŸ™‚

  4. I would love to try the food at this food truck. The ones that I have eaten at or are in our area, are usually the more popular ones but also not on the healthy side, except for maybe the tofu taco I had on the Korean BBQ truck.

    This is the first I’ve heard of this truck, good to know and thanks for sharing.

    I wonder if they ever come south here in OC?

  5. Yay, thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

    I have never been to a food truck before- this needs to be fixed ASAP!

  6. That sandwich looks so good! I still have to start my food truck adventures, but am chomping at the bit (oh the puns!) to get started. I love the prices on Jack’s meals as well! I will definitely keep an eye out for this one…

  7. Hi Kaitlin,
    Chef Jack and I are so happy that you enjoyed our Clean Street Food. All the nuances that we put into the menu were mentioned in your blog; flavor, feeling upon finishing, freshness and excellent quality were noticed! Hurray! It’s always nice when someone ‘gets’ what you worked so hard to put out there. Thank you! BTW, our driver Mykle has told us that she has lost approximately 13lbs by eating our food while at work, that’s in 10 weeks. You’ll have to ask her about it since I see that is something that is important to you. Well done! Here’s to living healthy and eating well. Easy when you know how!
    We hope to see you again. I’m sure you will LOVE the Thai Chicken sandwhich.
    Our best,
    Sara Larkins and Chef Jack Harding

  8. Yum! That is a food truck experience worth waiting for. Maybe it is just because I have such a deep love for food, but I love when chefs put care and thought into their creations. It shows a level of pride in their craft and I really appreciate that!

  9. yumm that clean street food sandwich looks delish!

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  11. mykle the house wife hottie!

    Hey there gurl! Just read through the comments and I am so happy you enjoyed it! I have to say not only is the food great but working for them is just as wonderful. Chef cares deeply about his food in every way and the man is a plethora of information! I lean something new every time I work with him. The other day one of the girls brought strawberries to share with us and just by looking at it he knew what farmer it came from, what farmers market she got them from and the entire history as to why the farmer had created this specific hybrid of strawberry! Make sure to ask him something random next time! TTFN!!!!!! -m

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