Who Burned the Rice?

I totally burnt the rice last night.

I swear, I am the only person who consistently manages to burn rice. Consistently! And honestly, I do it in a matter seconds. One second, it’s boiling, and the next second, all of the water is gone and the rice is burning.

I am following the directions. I don’t understand!

I could really use some tips/ advice here. I feel like an idiot.

Confession: I totally ate it anyway.

It kind of reminded me of burnt popcorn? I paired the burn rice with a Green Giant veggie pack and a generous sprinkle of nutritional yeast. This was my first time trying nutritional yeast! I liked it, but I wasn’t in love with it or anything the way other bloggers seem to be. I prefer my grated parmesan & romano.

Oh, and I didn’t just eat that burnt rice last night.

What can I say? I live on the edge. Burnt rice be damned.

I ate it for lunch again, too. In the exact same meal.

Mostly. Minus the nutritional yeast and plus a ripped-up piece of sliced mozzarella. (It was better.)

Breakfast was also eaten at work, as oh-so-many of my breakfasts have been lately. I need my mornings to calm down a little bit! I miss eating my breakfast in my favorite chair while watching the first few minutes of Regis and Kelly.

Like I said, I live on the edge.

Into the mix went:

  • 1 packet Quaker Original instant oats
  • water
  • a splash of 2% milk
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • small spoonful Flaxseed Almond Butter

It filled me up for over 5 hours. Honestly, I hardly have an appetite these days. I definitely could have waited longer but felt weird doing so.

Who else is ready for the weekend?



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8 responses to “Who Burned the Rice?

  1. I totally burn grains when I cook them because I get bored/distracted/find something shiny to focus my attention on and just forget about cooking.

    I’m not a huge fan of nutritional yeast. I mean it’s good, but it’s no cheese, ya know?

  2. I never make rice myself. I am so lazy and I always burn it too!

  3. Raya

    I always add extra water to my rice and it acts as somewhat of a “burning buffer.” So if I’m making 1 cup of rice, I would add 2 1/4 cups water or so.

  4. Claire

    2 Words: Rice Cooker

    It will change your life.

  5. Hi Kaitlin,
    I just found your blog and have been enjoying reading all your posts! You are not alone with the rice, I can never seem to cook brown rice successfully. It always comes out too mushy and sticky or underdone. I think I’ll have to go get a rice cooker.

  6. Yeah, I could never ever ever prepare rice! It was always burning for me and sticking to the bottom of the pots and creating terrible messes. Annoying! Maybe that is why I switched to couscous and quinoa. πŸ˜‰

    Not a big nutritional yeast fan? Oh I love the nutty, cheesy flavor of that stuff! So yummy. I put it on just about everything these days and especially love it on sweet potatoes.

    Hope you have some fun stuff planned for the weekend!

  7. I burn rice and all matter of grains. One minute, there is still water in the pot and the next minute I am scraping it off burnt grains!

  8. Once it’s come to a boil you have to drop the heat down so it’s just simmering, then watch it like crazy. It should only take 10 minutes or so for it to absorb most of the water, then, turn it off and allow it to absorb the rest of the liquid. πŸ™‚

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