Snow in LA

I had a busy, busy weekend, full of important people and things. But the most remarkable thing about it?

It snowed.

In LA.

I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

Then again, neither did anybody else. I wish I could have gotten pictures of the people standing around, staring like this stuff falling from the sky was alien matter. Then again, to many of these people, I guess it was!

Anyway, let me back up.

There’s nothing to report about the rest of the night, but I just want to share the beautiful pizza that I made with Lauren on Friday night.

I’m just proud, is all. What a gorgeous margherita-inspired pizza.

Anyway, I actually spent the majority of my weekend eating carbs. Not my finest weekend of eats, but at least it was all good! For instance, my breakfast on my easy Saturday morning was a piece of Mark’s homemade banana bread with a smear of Trader Joe’s amazing peanut butter cream cheese (that stuff is crack).

I spent the majority of the day on Saturday doing errands and catching up on tasks and such, but the highlight of the day was lunch with three of my favorite guys: Chris, Ben (who just returned from working on a job far away from us for months!) and Andrew.

Lunch with them was a reminder of how the simplest of times with friends can be the best. I can’t think of anything that could make me happier. Plus, these boys are funny!

We went to a restaurant in Sherman Oaks called Crave.

We went because Ben loves it and had missed it while he was gone, so I was definitely excited to try it. Though it was definitely along the lines of a run-of-the-mill cafe/ sandwich shop, I was really impressed with two things: first of all, it has pretty much everything you could want; and second of all, I really liked the friendly staff.

I ordered the vegetable panini with mozzarella cheese.

Though I knew I’d only be hungry enough for half of the panini, I also decided to order a cup of tomato basil soup. It just seemed appropriate for the chilly day.

And, though I don’t usually order anything other than water, I got a beverage for free with my meal, so I ordered an unsweetened iced tea.

Andrew, a little over-prepared for the cold (what a California boy), needed to cool down with a root beer float. 😉


Now, at this point, it had already hailed. We’d been pretty excited about that. Excited enough to take pictures of it!

At lunch, however, it was gorgeous (though chilly). I remember looking down this street during lunch and thinking, “Wow, I do love LA.”

I want to always remember that feeling.

Anyway, after lunch, we also stopped at a new-to-me yogurt place called Humphrey Yogarts (clever, right?).

What’s unique about this place, amongst so many other yogurt shops, is that they have a contraption where they mechanically blend (as opposed to hand-mixing, like at Coldstone, or topping, like at Pinkberry) your add-ons into your yogurt.

I got the nonfat sweet vanilla yogurt base and added in heath bar and toasted almonds. I got the child size, which had, in my opinion, a lot of yogurt! I can’t imagine needing a bigger one.

Though, in that picture, it looks pretty small. Anyway, it was enough for me.

The post-lunch drive to Burbank to run some errands was when the afternoon got really exciting. All of a sudden, I started noticing that cars driving into Studio City from Burbank were covered in snow. Like… literally, covered.

It was crazy. As I drove into Burbank, I actually started driving through the snow. Watching the snow build up on the cars in front of me and on the road was like an out-of-body experience.

Snow? In LA? What?

I also pulled over to snap a shot of this rainbow, which I thought just added to the whole magical feel of the snow-in-LA-experience.

So fun.

Also fun: I found Girl Scout cookies! I’ve been looking everywhere for these guys! Naturally, I snagged boxes of all three of my favorites.

Though, I now kind of wish I’d also picked up some Do-Si-Dos. Now I have to hope to find more Girl Scouts.

Anyway, the rest of my evening was spent watching 30 Rock, drinking red wine, and alternating between being curled up under a blanket and baking cupcakes.

From a box.

No shame. The cake part was not the star of the show. More on that later.

I also totally had Annie’s macaroni & cheese (with peas). Also from a box.

And, again, no shame.

Sunday was spent in preparation for and at an awesome Oscar’s Party… but I’ll get to that in the next post. 🙂



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12 responses to “Snow in LA

  1. Snow?! SNOW?! Jesus Christ, I have lived in California my whole life and never heard of this happening!! I think I would have had a heart attack if I had seen that happen. There was ice on my car and the grass yesterday morning, but no snow here 😦

  2. Mary

    WOAH!!! It really snowed in Burbank? And I MISSED it because I was down in Orange County ALL weekend! (where it was supposed to – but did not – rain, BTW). On the upside, I did get to go to Taco Adobe!! yai-yai!!!!!! (that is a battle cry of happiness)

  3. I am chatting with you and commenting to your blog at the same time. Perhaps I have a small crush on your blog. Snow? I am so jealous. What we got melted before it hit ground. Bummer summer.

    I also want pizza. Again and again. I had some for lunch today and looking at yours makes me want more.

    Andy and I bought the same cookies! Cookie twins!

  4. LOL I’m eating that Peanut Butter Cream cheese on an apple as I type! That stuff is amazing. And I ate an entire Annie’s mac and cheese by myself this week. lol No shame at all!

  5. I love Crave! The staff definitely makes the place, they make you feel so welcome and attended to but not in an over the top way. I also love that if you get a large iced coffee you get free refills all day! 🙂 Btw they have excellent french toast.

  6. hahahahaha….i love your reaction to the snow! i didn’t realize you guys were up to 1,000 – 1,500 ft in elevation! i’m so glad you got it though; isn’t it fun!??!?!?!

    and omg that pizza. can we make one like that for our blogger party, with vegetarian cheese? i know it won’t be the same, but dairy hates the hell out of me…and i miss pizza.

  7. snow in LA? I never thought I would live to see the day!

  8. I used to go to Humphrey Yogarts all the time in San Diego. I assume it is the say company or people like play on words a lot. I don’t know. This would have been in 2002 or so aka before yogurt went viral.

  9. Seriously…whats up with this cold weather?! and oh my that yogurt looks so good. I am googling it right now to see where that place is…i want 🙂

  10. actorsdiet

    i’m so glad you captured a pic of the snow! i was in studio city when it started hailing.

  11. Next time you have a weekend like this can I please please please come be your house guest? Snow – my fave. Cupcakes – my fave. Fro-yo – my fave. 30 Rock – my fave. Red wine – my fave. See – meant to be. 😉

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