Oscars Party

My friend Meredith knows how to throw a party.

I mean, to start with, her Oscars party opened with – literally – a red carpet.

And then, naturally, you walked in to find the Hollywood sign.

What? You don’t have a Hollywood sign in your house? You should work on that.

Meredith also looked beautiful (she dressed for the occasion!), so I made her pose in front of the sign.

And then I took a picture with her, too.

The party was held at Meredith’s family’s gorgeous house, which is surrounded by the most amazing views. I’ve actually been to the house once before, at a party way back in August. Because I’d already been there, I made sure to bring my nice camera this time. I knew I’d want to catch a few of the amazing views.

For example:

Gorgeous, right? Gorgeous.

I really am loving southern California these days.

Right, sorry, back to the party.

So, the party was of the potluck variety and it was, of course, themed. So, everybody was responsible for bringing a movie-themed food or drink item.


There were lots of clever wines.

Inception Chardonnay, Director’s Merlot, Red Rock Merlot and The Dead Arm Shiraz. The last two have to do with 127 Hours. Clever! I was told people also knew of and had searched for Black Swan and True Grit wines. I think it’s so funny that there are wines with the names of three of the ten Best Picture nominees.

I sampled a few of the wines, of both white and red varieties. I particularly loved The Dead Arm Shiraz!

Alright, now for the food…


Trail mix (and unpictured Gatorade) for 127 Hours.

Franco’s Arm Under A Boulder for 127 Hours (this was my favorite!).

Kielbasa Pastry Snake & for Toy Story 3.

Apps without themes (but still delicious!) included chips & dips, shrimp cocktail, and deviled eggs.

A sampling of what I tried:

I went back for a few more of those pigs in a blankets! They were so good.

Main Dishes

Locally Grown Salad for The Kids Are Alright

This went so fast! It was delicious, so that makes sense.

There were also a variety of meat skewers, but I didn’t capture those.

I did, however, capture my plate:


There were two Oscars cakes, to start with.

Black Swan Cream Puffs (in both white and “black,” naturally!)

Those put everyone else’s offerings to shame.

Inception Cupcakes (my contribution! I’ll be doing a whole post about them later).

My Sweet Little Girl Banana Pudding for Black Swan.

Serious points for presentation there, am I right?

Winter’s Cone (cupcakes in cones) for Winter’s Bone.

Tart Story 3 for Toy Story 3

The King’s Peach Trifle for The King’s Speech.

Wasn’t everything so clever? I sampled a few:

The food was all incredible and so was the company. As the Oscars began (and the red carpet, too), we all gathered around the TV (and the food, throughout the night) to enjoy.

Oh, and we also had ballots!

I didn’t win, sadly, but I didn’t do too badly.

You know what I did win, though?

Best food!

Look, Ma, I won an Oscar!

Frankly, I thought the Black Swan Cream Puffs deserved the win, but the hostess made them… and I’m pretty sure she rigged it so she wouldn’t win. šŸ˜‰

All in all, it was a fantastic party and I had the best time! Everyone really brought their “A game” to the party, which I thought was awesome. Too often, people phone in things like themed potlucks, but that was not the case this time around.

Oh, and two last things… I just want to show you these two fun “LA at night” pictures that I snapped on my way home.

So pretty.

Who did you think wins “best dressed?” I thought Natalie Portman looked beautiful. I also loved Anne Hathaway’s red dress!



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17 responses to “Oscars Party

  1. I love all the creative dishes! Congratulations on your award šŸ™‚

  2. actorsdiet

    okay this puts any oscar party to shame! themed foods and a gorgeous place to boot!

  3. Stephanie S

    All of the food looks delicious and gorgeous! However, I especially enjoy the images of Southern LA because I used to live downtown šŸ™‚ very reminiscent.

  4. Wow! What an oscar party!

  5. Sarah

    Wow. just WOW.

  6. Sadath

    My Sweet Little Girl Banana Pudding….no latte in the pudding! Wonderful recap!

  7. What an AMAZING party! How fun!

  8. Mary

    the tart story 3 looks amazing to me, both in concept and visually – I love tarts and bet it tasted awesome!!!! Looks like a fantastic party – can’t wait to hear the lowdown on your contributions, ms. honey!

  9. Jen

    WOW! That is one hell of a party!

  10. So freaking awesome. I want one of your cupcakes. YUM!

  11. omg that looks like so much fun! how exciting to go to a themed party!

  12. Chris

    As a guest of this Oscar shindig, I have to say you captured it perfectly. Your shots are stunning. Really wishing there were leftovers right about now!

  13. BEST – PARTY – IDEA – EVER! And the food is so cool! I love it all!

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  15. You and your friends are really creative. I would bake anything to get in to that party and also have an excuse to dress up. Love it!

  16. Pingback: Hiking Endorphins | Kaitlin With Honey

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