Charlie Sheen, Fast Food, Ron Weasley

Weird combination, right?

With all of this Charlie Sheen “winning” hubbub, I have had this song constantly stuck in my head:

Anybody else?

I’ve been very much on-the-go for the past few days, so all of my food has been “fast,” though not technically fast food.  Two meals, however, have been. Sort of. I love free things as much as I love healthier takes on things like fast food, so I was pretty psyched about that “buy one get one free” deal Chipotle had on facebook this week.

Though I tried to get both Lauren and Mark to come with me and get a free meal, both had plans and I had an evening appointment to get to, so I got not only a salad for my dinner last night, but also one for lunch today.

On both, I had a bed of lettuce, a small (though I think the server and I disagreed on the definition of “small” – they seemed pretty big to me!) scoop of rice, corn salsa, and a teensy bit (this time I got more specific) of cheese. On one, I got carnitas and pinto beans and on the other, I got chicken and black beans. The carnitas, for the record, were far superior.

It was all a lot of food, but it was kind of fun to do something different. Chipotle isn’t somewhere I’d normally go, without a coupon like this. I can’t remember the last time I was there! I think it has to have been before I started the blog back in June.

Anyway, yesterday’s lunch definitely counts as “fast” food too – I repeated my new favorite tofu spring rolls from Trader Joe’s.

Breakfast this morning was normal (a yogurt bowl – SURPRISE!), but it was certainly assembled in a hurry.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a roommate that makes things that I get to eat, like the banana bread I just got to slice and consume.

Into the mix went:

  • 2% Pineapple Chobani (ahhh, it felt so good to have my CHO back)
  • slice of Mark’s banana bread
  • 1/3 banana, sliced
  • strawberries
  • blackberries
  • small sprinkle of walnut pieces

In other news, I know I joked around about it being Justin Bieber’s birthday yesterday, but I was informed late yesterday afternoon that it was also, in fact, Ron Weasley’s birthday. This, of course, is far more important.

Did you know that, according to my friend Elisabeth and to Wikipedia (I “fact”-checked), Ron was “born” in 1980, which technically makes him 31?


That’s ridiculous! I don’t care about “facts.” I say false. Nope, Ron will forever be exactly the age I am. That’s how it works. This makes him 25… which is still, for the record, a little weird.

Ron is my favorite character from Harry Potter, though Fred and George come in as close seconds.


I love Ginny, too. Actually, I love all the Weasleys. Well, except Percy. Duh.

Who is/ are your favorite Harry Potter characters? And don’t try to tell me you didn’t read the series. If you haven’t, you need to. Pronto.

Oh, and don’t even TRY to claim that watching the movies is enough. It’s not.



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21 responses to “Charlie Sheen, Fast Food, Ron Weasley

  1. I recently tried that tofu wrap at TJ’s. I love the sauce because it adds so much flavor but I thought that the tofu just needs a little more marination. I ate it at first without the sauce to see what it tasted like “naked”, but the sauce is what makes it delicious. I even used the leftover sauce for other dishes, lol.

    All I have been seeing this week at the gym are Charlie Sheen coverage. Literally, 3 TVs in front of my treadmill had Charlie Sheen interview on.

  2. Pam

    I saw T-Pain open for the Black Eyed Peas last year and they did that song. (OK on the radio, but boring performance).
    My favorite Harry Potter character is Hagrid.


    Haha, I always disagree with servers on “small” when it’s someplace like Chipotle. I’m not really a fan, but I do like Salsarita’s, and they rarely listen when I tell them “just a LITTLE bit of cheese!”

  4. Claire

    I’ve read HP way too many times to count. There are SO MANY good HP characters, I can’t choose. A few of my favs – Harry (obviously), Snape, Dumbledore, Neville, F&G, Ron, McGonagall, Hermione… now I’m going to have to read them all again.

  5. As a twin myself, I definitely have an allegiance to Fred and George.

  6. Ron is my all time favorite next to Dobby. I freaking love Dobby.

    Won won! ❤

  7. Erin

    Hermione is my fav. I identify with her… except for that whole mudblood thing 😉

  8. Charlie Sheen is SLAYING me today. SLAYING me.

    My favorite HP character is McGonnagal, even though I can’t spell her name.

  9. caitlinoco

    I LOVE Fred!! I am a total book purist as well, the movies just aren’t the same!

  10. RON IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!! love the red hair 🙂 swooooon** Oh and your breakfast…… looks amazing 🙂

  11. Claire

    I LOVE HP! I’ve read all the books way too many times to count. There are SO MANY good characters, I can’t choose a favorite, but some that come to mind are Harry (of course), Snape, Neville, Dumbledore, McGonagall, F&G, Ron & Hermione… now I’m going to have to go back and re-read them all (again)

  12. Your food looks AMAZING! I love Chipotle and don’t get there often enough (mainly because the closest one is 1 1/2 hours away!).
    No, I haven’t read Harry Potter and no, I haven’t watched the movies.
    Actually, I tried to watch the first one (I’m not into that stuff but was actually excited about it) and was totally disappointed by the lack of so-called magic. Ok, I really don’t know what these books/movies are about, but I assumed lots of magic, but not in the first movie! I haven’t ventured back since then (10 years ago?)

    • Okay… you probably saw this coming, but! – you HAVE to read the books. I promise they’re full of magic. The first two (some, including me, might argue three) are younger and have to lay a lot of groundwork, but the rest are ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL in more ways than one.

      I promise, promise, promise, you won’t be disappointed.

  13. Mark

    Ok my favorite character is probably Luna Lovegood, but Professor Mcgonagall is a VERY close second.

    ps. did you know if you type “professor m” into the search bar mcgonagall is the third name to come up? And if you type “professor d” into the search bar dumbledoor is the second. And if you type “Har” into it Harry potter is the first name that comes up. This phenomenon has pretty much taken over all of humanity. I love it, but now I’m a little scared.

  14. The only thing I wanted when I was sick was a Chipotle bowl- I know, I know! I want one now!

    Don’t flame me, but I have never read the books. I guess my excuse was grad school and thinking I wouldn’t like the books, but you have made a strong claim here!

  15. i stopped liking HP when they started making movies. ruined my image of them when i started reading the books!

  16. How about Charlie? How do you feel about Charlie? 😉

    Um, I love Cedric Digger SOOOOO MUCH out of every Harry Potter character. Yes, you now know this detail about me that I have yet to discuss on the blog. I would sell my left leg to touch R-Patz…..sooooo dreamy!

    Ok, you are the second blog that has given the oh so magical Chipotle a shout out so I now must eat there for my oh so gluttonous Fat Tuesday meal! I LOVE CHIPOTLE. Wait….fantasy, Chipotle + R-Patz = Heaven.

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