On Saturday night, as an early birthday present to Mark, I took him to see a show that’s currently playing in LA called Cavalia.

Cavalia, held in a big top, is a Cirque de Soleil production featuring a combination of horses, trainers, and acrobats.

We were pretty excited on our way in, in case you can’t tell from the sheer joy on our faces.

We also posed, like the dorks we are, with signs along the way.

Don’t lie. You wish you were us.

Mark is a horse lover. This picture was oh-so-necessary.

As was celebratory champagne!

…Ten dollar per glass champagne! Ridiculous. We didn’t know ’til it’d already been poured.

Oh, well. We savored.


Soon enough, it was time for the show to begin.

At this point, the camera had to be put away, as cameras weren’t allowed during the performance. I wish I could have taken pictures during the show for you, but I found pictures on the internet that will suffice. They don’t capture the magic, but I can at least give you some of the essence of it all.


I’ll be honest – I didn’t really expect to like the show. I got the tickets for Mark because I knew how perfectly the show suited him, but I didn’t really think it’d be my thing.

I was happily surprised. The show was beautiful, exciting, interesting, varied, funny, breathtaking, and even, at times, kind of sexy.

I know, I wouldn’t have expected that either!


I had two favorite things about the performance.

First of all, I loved the respect and love that the trainers clearly had for the horses. You could tell that these trainers and horses had strong bonds because the trainers not only clearly trusted the horses, but the horses also clearly trusted the trainers.


Second of all, I honestly could not believe what these people were able to do with their bodies. I mean, the control they all had over their own bodies and movements was incredible, but they also had such trust in what each other (and the horses) could and would do with their bodies.

Watching these people really made me think about how much I love athleticism and the things we can train our bodies to do. These people were incredible.



My favorite portion of the show surprised me. Though there were certainly bells and whistles around all of the incredible acrobatics both with the horses and without, the most enjoyable part, for me, was the one almost purely based on the horses.


I couldn’t believe what these horses did without almost any commands. What training!

With that one, I was also cracking myself up by writing inner dialogue for the horses inside my head.

Seriously, I make myself laugh a lot. I like to think it’s an adorable quirk.




This was such a good night spent with my wonderful roommate. 🙂

One I will always remember!

Cavalia is a traveling show – have any of you seen it?



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10 responses to “Cavalia

  1. I haven’t seen that one. I saw Corteo when they were traveling years ago and LOVED it! Looking forward to meeting you Friday!

  2. omg i saw the big tent when i was at your place during christmas…or maybe it was a tad after. whatever; i’m jealous!!! i’ve heard so many good things about it and have always wanted to see!

  3. CAVALIA!!!!!! really don’t ask why I capitalized that…I have just heard a lot about the show. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it!

    $10 champagne? Dudeeee!

  4. I saw signs for Cavalia all over San Francisco and had no idea what it was all about- clearly I wasn’t thinking. It looks so amazing.

    I am so impressed by what people do with their bodies- I am so clumsy that athleticism in show fascinates me.

    P.S. your eyelashes are so long- I’m jealous.

  5. What a fun night! And your pictures crack me up – you 2 are so funny.

    I haven’t seen Cavalia, but have seen many other Cirque shows. They do such a phenomenal job with just about everything concept/theme. I love their work!

    I laugh at my own jokes more than anyone else does and sometimes this worries me. Haha, even Dan notes that I am my most beloved audience.

  6. I was so excited when I saw this post! My fiance (now husband!) and I went to Cavalia about a year ago when it was in Atlanta….we LOVED it! He is a huge horse person, as well. We were both just stunned by how awesome it was. I couldn’t believe the things those horses could do! I also especially liked what they did on their own with no riders–too amazing!


  7. Mark


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