Desk Meals (and a Winner!)

First things first, I have a winner for my CSN Giveaway!

Congrats, Jenna! Please shoot me an email at kaitlinwithhoney at gmail dot com and I’ll send you your code and directions.

Winning! Duh.

Let’s pretend I didn’t do that.


Of my last seven meals, six have been eaten at work. Three of those six have been eaten at my desk (not the lunches, as I usually get to be social for those).

FYI, this makes for totally lame photography. My apologies.

I don’t have proof for you of all of these at-work meals (two of the lunches were leftovers of that mysterious meal I still can’t yet reveal), but I do have proof of two breakfasts, one dinner and one of the three lunches.

Dinner, Tuesday night:

Chipotle-flavored  wrap with sliced deli rotisserie chicken, one piece of cheddar cheese, and fresh baby spinach. Goldfish on the side (All courtesy of the office kitchen).

I have a Goldfish problem, by the way. I think I just decided to give them up for Lent.


Breakfast, Wednesday morning:

Two waffles (regular, not whole wheat, but it’s what we have in the office) with TJ’s Almond Butter with Flaxseed and four sliced strawberries on top.

Plus a Starbucks Americano with steamed soy. I decided that I deserved it, after being up before 6am for a 7am physical therapy appointment. After not even getting home until almost 11pm the night before. Don’t worry about it.

Breakfast, Thursday morning:

I liked yesterday’s breakfast so much, I repeated it… but fancied it up, slightly.

Worked like a charm.

How weird is it that one waffle is so much bigger than the other? They’re from the same package!

Oh, also with coffee. From work, though, not Starbucks.

Not as good, but free.. which is a pretty even trade-off.

Lunch, Thursday afternoon:

I needed to use up the freezer items I have here at work.

Why? I’ll tell you next week. 🙂

Today’s lunch was a totally random mix of a Green Giant frozen veggie mix, topped with a Trader Joe’s veggie burger.

It worked.

In more important other news, American Idol was on last night. I’m so obsessed with interested in the show that I’ll probably be writing weekly installments with my thoughts on it.

You can feel free to skip these parts if you want to… but you know you don’t.

Standout performances of the night:

Casey Abrams

I’m in love with him. I don’t care that he’s 19. He has an old soul.

I just lost half my followers – I just know it.

Stefano Langone

He is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Unexpectedly, too, as I didn’t like him until his wildcard performance!

Paul McDonald

I will always love him, but I also love this song. How can JLo not know who Ryan Adams is, though? Embarrassing.

Scotty McCreery

Not my kind of artist but I love him anyway!

James Durbin (aka Squinty)

I think he’s fun. I also love this song and I really enjoyed his performance!

Lauren Alaina did not perform very well last night (in my opinion), but I still have hope for her. I was surprised, however, by being really impressed with Pia. So, finally…

Pia Toscano:

I don’t love her and I don’t think she’ll win the competition, but I was still impressed with this song! Celine is not an easy artist to take on.

Who I think is going home: either Naima, Karen, or Thia. They were all okay, but I thought they seriously paled in comparison to a lot of the other contestants.

If you watch American Idol, who were your favorites? And who do you think is going home tonight?

If you don‘t watch American Idol… well, you should probably start.



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5 responses to “Desk Meals (and a Winner!)

  1. I am a desk meal minion more often than I should be. Bah, working. Your eats look good though!
    I’m back on the AI train this year and I thought last night’s standouts were definitely Casey and Pia for myself. It’s a good year so far 🙂

  2. Sadly, I think Thia might be going home. She thinks so too, she was crying during her interview after her performance 😦 I like her, like JLo said, she has the voice of an angel.

  3. You make me want to walk to the store right now and get a box of Goldfish. They are so delicious, and I love eating them one at a time very slowly. I know I am odd.

  4. I love goldfish too. And I kind of love seeing how the people at Starbucks and Coffee Bean end up spelling your name. Hilarious!

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