Fresh & Easy’s Food & Wine Event

I honestly had one of the best nights, ever last night.

I mean, okay, let’s do the math here:

  • There was delicious food.
  • There was awesome wine.
  • The delicious food and awesome wine were, seemingly, endless.
  • There were new bloggers to meet.
  • There were Fresh & Easy people (I love that store!) to meet.
  • It was in a beautiful location.
  • Three of my favorite people were there.

I’m pretty sure that’s what my heaven looks like, you know what I mean?

I got there before Amanda, Andy and Katherine did, so I entertained myself with a free glass of champagne (as you d0).

And then I meandered over to one of the food stations, which were stocked up with cheese, crackers, meats, fruit, vegetables, pita chips and different dips.

For the record, the Lemon Cilantro Hummus is out of this world.

I also walked around and got a few pictures of the beautiful set-up.

The event was held at SmogShoppe, which is totally beautiful and holds lots of events, including weddings! I thought that was pretty cool.

I even caught a picture of some of the chefs at work.

I don’t think I was necessarily supposed to do that, but I’m sneaky. I’m like a ninja. As I write this, I’m thinking I might still be drunk.

I’m kidding. Mostly.

Soon, Amanda and Andy arrived.

Love them!

Love especially when Amanda takes myspace blogger pictures of herself.

And even more (okay, just as much) when Amanda and I pose like the dorks we are with signs. Mark would have done the same thing. Kindred spirits.

Don’t lie. You think we’re sexy.

One of the coolest parts about the evening was that the Fresh & Easy people, the PR people, the people behind the wines we were tasting, and the chefs all came around and talked to us, individually. It was really social and very cool.

For instance, we met Chef Cindy, whom we all kind of adored.

We also got to meet Daniel and Allison, two of the awesome people from RL Public Relations, who put this event together. They did a great job.

Of course, the fun officially began when Katherine – my date for the evening! – showed up.

Immediately, she and I hit the wine table.

Duh. (#Winning.)

We loved the name of this wine, so we each got glasses.

I mean, how could we not?

Of course, we might have been a little overzealous, because the wine tasting process began while we were getting our glasses of wine.

Whoops! Didn’t really stop us from drinking, them, though. 😉

The tasting started with a movie presentation (seriously, isn’t this place so pretty?)…

… and then we got down to business.

Wine #1: Open Field Pinot Gris

I liked this, though I didn’t love it. It was light, but dry. I prefer a fruitier taste.

Wine #2: Cloud Valley Chardonnay

I’m not really a Chardonnay person, so this wine was kind of lost on me.

I mean, that doesn’t mean I didn’t drink it, though.


(Oh, and yes, that’s Amanda tweeting in the background. Whaaaat a blogger.)

Wine #3: Open Field Pinot Noir

Holy. Crap.

Not only was this the best wine of the night, but this honestly might be my favorite wine I have ever had.

You need to find a Fresh & Easy immediately so you can try this wine. Immediately.

Run, don’t walk.

Wine #4: Barrel Ranch Cabernet

This was definitely a good wine, but I’m afraid I wasn’t paying much attention because I was drunk at this point was still so focused on how much I loved the Pinot Noir.


I think it’s kind of cool that we chose this wine for our “toast” wine, because… well, you’ll see in a bit. 🙂

So, um, I know it looks like we’d probably had enough wine at this point, but since we were all still thinking about that Pinot Noir, Amanda and I went to one more glass eash for the four of us.

They just gave us a bottle. I’m not sure how to take that, but I feel 99% good about it.

I mean, we deemed ourselves “the fun table.” I was only mildly concerned about getting kicked out for disorderly conduct.

We really appreciated being given a bottle of this fine wine.

And, um, yes, that bottle was emptied. Quickly.

Best picture of the evening? I think so.

Anyway, we weren’t just tasting wines! We also got to try so much unbelievable food.

Brie & Apple Crostinis

Shrimp Ceviche

Oh Em Gee that was good.

Something goat cheesy and delicious:

(As you can see, I got a little… less focused as the night went on.)

Lobster Ravioli:

Also Oh Em Gee good.

There were also beef skewers, which we all (but especially Katherine) really wanted to try, but, sadly, they ran out before we got to try them.

I was okay with it. I just had more lobster ravioli. Because, you know, I was clearly deprived of calories throughout the evening.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Oh, there were also a few “tweet breaks” taken throughout the evening.

You may have seen our ridiculous tweets. My apologies. Also, you’re welcome. If you saw them, I’m sure you laughed with (okay, at) us.

It was at this point that we discovered that Katherine’s twitter name is in my autocorrect.

We’re awesome.

There was dessert, too! I know, because we hadn’t had enough food at this point.

The waiters were so much fun. This was Cody. He was probably my favorite, mostly because I’m pretty sure he was making fun of us the whole time. It’s cool, we totally deserved it.

Also, we were such paparrazi.

And yes, Amanda did break out into the song. Last time, it was “Club Can’t Handle Me.” This time, of course, it was Gaga.

We have really good taste in music.

Anyway, the desserts included cookies and the richest chocolate cupcakes ever.

I first tried a snickerdoodle cookie, and then Katherine and I split a cupcake.

And when I say we “split a cupcake,” I mean Katherine had a bite and I pretended I only wanted a bite, too, and then finished the rest of the cupcake.

I still don’t really know how that happened.

Also, by the way, this was what our table was looking like toward the end of the evening. And yes, at this point, we had switched to water. Probably for the best.

So, while all of this dessert was going on, we were also competing in two contests.

One was a “Guess the Price” contest, regarding each of the wines we’d tasted.

We won the last one! See that $14.98 on the bottom? We had it dead on. The price of the wine was literally $14.98!

I’d like to take credit for the .98, by the way. That was totally my call. Andy.

We each won a bottle of the Cabernet. We were very excited! We may have cheered awkwardly loudly. People may have laughed at us.

No big deal.

The other contest going on was a raffle. I think there were four winners.

I was only one number off from winning one of them. Alas, I didn’t win.

You know who did win, though?


She was so excited.

Anyway, the fun had to end at some point, so we headed out the door. On the way, we also got to pick up the most kick-ass goodie bags ever. Seriously, I love Fresh & Easy.

I liked Tatum (above, modeling with the bags), too. She called us “fun.” I think she meant “drunk,” but we were okay with that.

Best night ever!

P.S. – Please enjoy Cody photo-bombing in the background as much as I do.



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13 responses to “Fresh & Easy’s Food & Wine Event

  1. best. post. ever.

    and best. event. ever!

    and oh me gee me with that bottle of wine…


  2. What a fun night! So I bummed I missed out! The wines and food, and really the company, all sounded incredible!

  3. I am cracking up.I love us. I love wine. I love Cody in the background.

  4. Claire

    That sounds amazing. I’m seriously considering becoming a food blogger and getting my hands on a time machine just so I can go to this event.

    I too absolutely love Fresh and Easy. It kills me that they don’t have them on the west side. *hint* Fresh and Easy folks *hint*

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  6. uhhhmmhmhmh. Can I get an invite next time? Fresh and Easy is my main grocery stop, I love that store! How could I not be aware of this occurrence?

  7. I just bought that lemon cilantro hummus last week and all I can say is daaaaaaamn. It did not last long around me.

  8. I’m totally jelly I wasn’t there!

  9. actorsdiet

    so much fun! i wish we were invited to the same blogging events; it would be like a paid party to hang with my friends!

  10. LOVE them…and so random I KNOW DANIEL!!! I am friends with his brother 🙂

  11. Pingback: A Fresh Start | Kaitlin With Honey

  12. haha…love the waiter guy gettin in on those pictures..i bet he had a thing for you. i see that look he has…tehehehe!

    great night! i heard about the event and wanted to go but too far…and on a work night! bah!

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