So, on Friday night, I had the pleasure of spending my evening with some of my favorite people: fellow bloggers and people I now just consider friends.

I also brought along Mark and my friend Katy, who was visiting me for the weekend.

The normal goings-on commenced.

You know, picture-taking.

People being funny and the subsequent cracking up.

Drinking beer.

I had the special, the Russian Lullaby, which has 9.9% alcohol. I had two. This may explain a few things. Don’t worry about it.

I probably should have read the description before I ordered two.


I got the cheeseburger and split an order of sweet potato fries with Katy and Mark.

Fries: worth it. Burger: not.

Fellow bloggers who understand needing to find the light = awesome.

Lots of socializing occured.

We also did a few photoshoots. It happens. Especially with us.

Every single one of those is a gem. Poor Dan. He wanted no part in it. We (I) didn’t give him much of a choice.

We were pretty fun. Fun enough that Andrew (?), our waiter, sat down for a few.

Katherine’s face: priceless.

Oh, and Amanda did a little yoga. Mark, our resident instructor-to-be, guided her.

No big deal. We’re bloggers.

It was a great and totally funny night. I brought the crazy.

I like to think people liked it.

Where is my hand? Do I have it on Katherine’s stomach? That’s weird.

All the bloggers: me, Katherine, Danielle, Monica, Andy, Amanda, Kelley, Becki, Jessie.




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8 responses to “Ladyface

  1. LMAO! I think my face in that last one is roughly saying “who are these married people flirting with Channing Tatum and how did I get involved?” But I think that the tiger and “sexy” picture are equally priceless. Clearly, we are bringing sexy back. Best. Pictures. Ever!

  2. Yeah, I tried to find the light and my pictures still didn’t turn out. But at least we understand each other!

  3. Those are some amazing photos. 🙂 So fun!!!!

  4. I love us. I am cracking up at all of these pictures. Cracking up so hard.

  5. Mark

    I’d like to point out that Andrew sitting with us was totally Monica’s doing. That married lady doesn’t know her own flirtatious power! Also, I like that in 3 of the picture that you’re actually in you’re covering your face to hide your laughter. DRUNK!

  6. Best pictures from a meet-up ever. Priceless! EVERY SINGLE ONE!

  7. damn, now i really wish i had been there!!!! stupid me for living so far away!!!

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