Umami Burger

So, where was I? After the Wine Riot, we decided to sober up eat some amazing food at Umami Burger in Santa Monica.

We = me + these lovely faces.

Well, okay, you can’t see Sarah’s face, but she was there too.


Umami Burger was amazing. It was heaven. It was perfect post-Wine Riot food. Also, our waiter was awesome. And patient. With our group, that was pretty key. If you need to know why, check out my Wine Riot post.

Appropriately, there was lots and lots of this.


(P.S. – please note Amanda’s Harry Potter keychain in the background.)

So, let’s get to the food, shall we?

I got the Umami Burger. I figured, for my first taste of food from the famous restaurant, I’d just get the namesake. Also, um… it had a parmesan crisp. I was pretty much sold the second I heard that. Duh.

The burger was topped with shittake mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, and, of course, the parmesan crisp.


Mark and I also split an order of Thin Fries and an order of Tempura Onion Rings. Our sides? Umami Ketchup and Roasted Garlic Aioli.


Oh, and don’t worry — Mark got a burger, too. The Earth Burger.

That’s a mushroom and edamame patty with white soy aioli, truffled ricotta cheese, cipollini onions, butter lettuce and slow-roasted tomato.

I know, right? I have to try that.

Amanda got the Greenbird.

It’s a turkey burger with crushed avocado, green cheese, butter lettuce, sprouts, and green goddess. I don’t know what green cheese or green goddess are. I’d ask Amanda, but she’s not on gchat. Lame.

Sarah, hilariously enough, got the Manly Burger. I was impressed.

That burger involved beer-cheddar cheese, smoked-salt onion strings, and bacon lardons.

I’m drooling over this stuff all over again.

I don’t remember what Chris, Andy or Justin got, but I know they all loved their choices. We all cleared our plates.

I mean, we devoured.


Oh, and then I took a picture of Amanda in the bathroom.

(No, I wasn’t driving. Promise.)

The end.



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10 responses to “Umami Burger

  1. Lauren

    Delicious. My favorite is the earth burger…. ALWAYS ask for the cheesy tots.. They’re not on the menu, but they are AMAZING!!

  2. I’m glad I somehow managed to sleep and eat my burger. 😉

    I’d go back to umami just for the jalapeno ranch.

  3. Such fun pictures! I tried Umami once and didn’t really like it (I don’t like when burgers dont come with sides automatically). lol I love sides. But a new location just opened in Studio City, so maybe I’ll have to give it a try again. 😉

  4. my favorite place in LA!!! i just did a whole guest post about it 🙂

  5. gluttonandstudent

    Umami is the bomb diggity! Every time I come home from college, Umami is my first stop. So far, I’ve had the SoCal, the Truffle (rich, delicious, nommilicious – every adjective you’d want describing a burger), the Umami, and the Earth Burger (which is weirdly my favorite). The pickles and sweet tater fries are delicious too! And the ice cream sammies… nomnomnomnom

  6. Mark

    I want that earth burger in my mouth right NOW!

  7. I want to go back and get the Umami or Manly burger. Delicious.
    Green cheese? Who the hell knows what that was.

  8. This post is amazing. I love Umami and I’m glad ya’ll liked it too 🙂

  9. Haha, love it! Especially the note about the Harry Potter keychain.

    I love Umami’s onion rings and their sweet potato fries are crazy-go-nuts as well!

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