Ladyface, Take Two

This past Thursday,  I had the pleasure of returning to Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie. Some of the faces were the same and others were different – for Ladyface, anyway.

That one was the same.

Mark and I got there early, so we hit the bar and got the night started. Happy Easter weekend!

I was really sad that they didn’t have the Russian Lullaby anymore (my favorite!), but I decided to try the Ladyface Anniversary Ale. I can’t remember what Mark got. I did not care for the Anniversary Ale at all.

I still drank it.

Eventually, we were joined by our wonderful friends! Enter Amanda, Andy, Sarah and Chris. This group seem familiar? We are awesome.

I guess I didn’t catch a picture of Sarah? Sad.

We then went outside to our table, where we had a really pretty view.

At this point, I got the Worker’s Co-Hoperative. I liked it a lot more than I liked the Anniversary Ale. It was hoppy. You probably could have deduced that on your own.

I also got the Fish & Chips, which were just okay. I haven’t yet tried food at Ladyface that I’ve loved, but I think I need to start ordering whatever Andy orders. He’s pretty good at that stuff.

Sorry, I completely forgot to take a picture. Blame the beer. That, or my growling stomach.

I didn’t forget to take a picture of my last beer, though! Well, first, I got a taster. I totally thought it was free, and it wasn’t, but it wasn’t a big deal.

I still got the full glass, of course.

This was the Ladyface Red Rye, which was pretty good but totally paled in comparison to that amazing Red ale that I got at the Pop-Up Beer Garden.

Anyway, all of the beer was good, I just didn’t find a total winner. It happens. It didn’t even matter, because, as usual, it was all about the company.

It took a few tries, but we were all over the group shot.

We’re fun.

The funniest part of the night was when Chris and Mark wanted to share French-pressing duties.

Aww, friendship.



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3 responses to “Ladyface, Take Two

  1. Oh ladyface! Wish I’d been there, looks like it was a blast!

  2. It was awesome. I’m with you on the food though. Especially since they changed the menu. Blah. At least the fries and beer are good.

  3. Mark

    Amanda’s face MAKES that last picture. Also, Chris’s hand makes my hand look so small! I have little carney hands next to him!

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