Easter Dinner

At our Easter dinner, we had as many kids as we did adults. That’s assuming, however, that I’m now considered one of the adults. If not, we had more kids than adults.

I’m not so sure where I stand, because Juliana was absolutely scandalized when I had a glass of wine.

(This wine made me miss my sister. She’s a middle sister.)

Either way, it was wonderful. The food, the company, the entire affair — wonderful.

Here’s our table setting.

We actually had individual placecards, which were so established because the girls wanted to ensure that they could sit next to me.

I love being fought over.

The process of making the placecards was really fun, too. Amelia and Juliana practiced their cursive and William practiced his writing.

(Side note – why yes, you do see PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams in the background. I convinced my aunt to get it. It’s like the healthy living blogger version of peer pressure.)

That’s Juliana, writing the spelling of my name on her hand before she wrote it out in cursive on my placecard. I tried to explain that this is what scrap paper is for, but she seemed pretty set on using her hand.

To each his (or her) own!

I’ll show you everyone’s placecard because they’re totally cute.

I somehow missed my uncle’s! Whoops.

Here’s mine:

For the record, that’s a tree with a beehive. You know, because bees make honey. As in, Kaitlin With Honey.

My cousins are awesome.

Also, Amelia made me this for the same reason.

I die.

I also forgot it there, which is kind of sad. I did, however, bring home the bookmark Amelia made me. I’ve been using it ever since. It makes me smile every time.

Speaking of amazing things (great transition, I know), I should get to the (amazing) dinner!


Everyone – even the kids – had some. I had a lot. Some had obscene amounts of dressing (whatever makes kids eat veggies, right?). I did not (not a huge dressing fan).


I don’t remember the cut and don’t know red meat at all well enough to tell you what it was based on the picture.   I can, however, tell you that it was delicious. I picked at the edges because I love when meat it’s burnt. Don’t judge.

Roasted Vegetables

I was in charge of these. Involved: carrots, fingerling potatoes, red peppers, yellow peppers, onions, EVOO, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper. Delish. They were my favorite part of dinner, but, well, I love veggies. This is probably no surprise to anyone.

Also, the kids loved them… and I loved that.

My plate (minus the second –  and possibly third  – helpings of veggies).

But the real stars of the show?

The desserts.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Let’s check ’em out again from another angle.

Chocolate Roll (another family recipe)

and Angel Pie (pretty sure this was yet another family recipe)

Just… wow.

I got little (but not tiny… I’m not crazy!) pieces of each.

(For perspective purposes, please note that these are small dessert plates and that the dinner plates are much bigger.)

Every morsel – and I do mean every morsel – was devoured.

I still can’t believe there weren’t any dessert leftovers.

Pretty sure I gained about five pounds in one sitting.

#Worth it.



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6 responses to “Easter Dinner

  1. Chocolate roll? That looks amazing. You’ll have to share that recipe. Mmm. It looks like nutella! YUM!

  2. Chocolate roll? yes. That definitely looks worth it! Delicious! I love desserts like this.

  3. That dessert looks AMAZING. Pretty sure I wouldn’t even have required a plate- I would have just grabbed a fork and gone to town 🙂

    I totally noticed the DCD in those pictures! Love the fact that you’re turning your family on to such delicious foods 🙂

  4. Family recipes are worth any amount of weight gain! Yum! That dinner looks incredible!

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