She Runs LA 10K and… Life!

I still have one more Texas post to catch up on, but I feel weird not writing about life at present. So, I’ll get to my final Texas post later and, for now, I’ll update you on my life — which is, for the record, nuts. I’m not kidding. Here, I’ll prove it.

So. Last week was my last week at my job, since I was on a show and, of course, shows end. Last Wednesday, I found out I had an interview at a company that I just so happen to really like (and have for years!). My interview was on Thursday. I told them I was going to Texas and that I just needed a heads up ASAP so I could figure out my travel plans.

When I hadn’t heard from them on Friday morning, I went to Texas, as planned. When I landed, I had a message — I’d gotten the job! Hooray! Everyone was okay with me starting on Wednesday, which allowed me to stay for my full trip in Texas. Double hooray!

I got back to LA at around 8pm on Tuesday. Around thirty minutes later, Mark and I were in a car crash. Don’t worry! Everyone is fine (other than some residual headaches), though the cars aren’t, really. Better the cars than the people, though, right? 🙂 Still, it shook us up a little.

I didn’t have much time to focus on it, though, because on Wednesday morning, I started my new (awesome!) job at 8am. I got out that night at 7:30. Immediately afterward, it was time to do the She Runs LA 10K with Amanda! However, we got started so late (sorry, Amanda) that we were only able to do a 5K together and each finished the other half this morning on our own.

We both had early mornings to look forward to. Amanda has a CPR training class today and I had to be at work at 7:15am — to be in a commercial!

Dressed to the nines…

In 80’s glory!

I loved it. (That’s Mark’s jacket, by the way. I might steal it. Don’t tell Mark.)

Anyway, that should about cover it. And now, I can show you pictures from our silliness last night.

So, as you know, I can’t run right now (and Amanda really shouldn’t either, so we were a good match). Thus, our 5K together was walked (as was the second half of mine this morning).

First, however, we needed to fuel. I was late in getting home (and starving) because I was at work later than I had expected to be, so Amanda saved the day by picking us up a healthy (whole wheat crust, vegan, covered in veggies!) pizza and salad from zpizza.

That, my friends, is love (Amanda picking up the pizza for us, not the pizza itself. Well, sure, the pizza itself, too.)

We didn’t even get to start walking until about 8:15 at night (so you understand why we had to cut it short!), which means it was dark the whole time we were out there.

There are lots of street lamps and we were totally safe, but it was still nice when Mark was able to join us for the second half of our walk.

[EDITED: There was a picture of Amanda and Mark walking here, but we later realized that Amanda’s spi-belt made it look like she had… well, male genitalia. It has since been removed. 😉 ]

This also meant that even more silliness ensued.

(You know, ’cause we were walking it. Get it?  I’m embarrassed to tell you how many times it took before we actually got that picture.)

The funniest/ best part of this 5K is that we decided to go to Yogurtland during our walk.

I mean, it was part of our route, after all.

What’s that you say? Did I plan this? Why, don’t be ridiculous.

That would just be absurd.

It did, however, serve as a great place to rehydrate.

Anyway, I was up bright and early this morning to finish the 10K and be at work by 7:15…

So there’s been lots and lots of coffee. 🙂

Tonight, I have the She Runs LA after-party event! Sheesh. I hope I don’t fall asleep.

How are your weeks going? Anybody’s week as crazy as mine?



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12 responses to “She Runs LA 10K and… Life!

  1. Love you you went to Yogurtland. This is why were friends 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s crazy! Congrats on the new gig! Love all the pictures! I should have walked with you guys. I kept procrastinating until it was too late…. and then i couldn’t get up this morning. Le Sigh. So excited for tonight though! Hope you come dressed in 80s gear to the Par-Tay!

  3. Kristin Brænne


  4. You look so cute in your ‘8os outfit!

    I am planning my entire day on Sunday around getting Yogurtland. It’s my favorite post-race tradition. I get the biggest cup possible and fill it to the brim- the last time I went after a race, my yogurt was 8 bucks! And I ate all of it 🙂

  5. It looks like I have a penis in one of these pictures. I swear it’s my spibelt. Omg I want to die.

  6. LOL! You look so cute in your 80’s outfit. We should dress like 80’s everyday.

  7. Booooo!!!! I can’t believe you were in a car accident! So sorry to hear that, but I am happy to hear that you and Mark are fine and still gorgeous as always! 😉

    And I so loved your voicemail from last night. You two make me so happy! Miss you! Hope the new job is going well!

  8. hahha…love that you went to yogurtland on your walk. woman sure to stay my friend FOREVER.

    and i’m feeling you on the long hours this week. freak’n.killer.

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  10. Mark

    Uh… Kaitlin. I read your blog. You’re a terrible thief.

  11. It’s nice to see someone who lives in LA really appreciate Yogurtland. I was in Santa Barbara last summer (going back soon!!!), and literally fantasize about Yogurtland. I feel like if I lived there I was plan my days around it.

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