Goodbye (Again, For Now), Teresa

I’ve had to say goodbye to my lovely friend Teresa before, and this past weekend, I had to do it again. Teresa, who is an incredibly gifted writer who once wrote the script for one of the two bigger movies I made in grad school, lives in Germany. She came to visit, however, and I’m happy to say that I got to see her twice.

We had a send-off dinner for her at a brewery chain called Gordon Biersch, which was a good meeting place because it wasn’t too packed, allowed us to chat outside, and had both good beer and good food.

I started off with their seasonal beer, the Maibock. It was good! Reminiscent of caramel. I ended up getting two throughout the night.

There were a number of delicious-looking items to choose from their extensive menu…

… but I very quickly zeroed in on the Cajun fish tacos — a rare choice for me but they just sounded so good.

They did not disappoint. I also liked the presentation.

I wasn’t the only one who got into food photography, by the way. At some point in the night, I surrendered my camera to Amy, who played with the settings. A few from a selection of about 30…

Kind of artsy, no?

The camera was also, of course, reserved for taking pictures of friends.

In attendance were Teresa (of course) and her fiance Owen…

Amy and her husband James…

Chris (my friend-date of the night)…

And finally, Christine and her husband Vik.

(Man, apparently I should get on this getting married boat.)

The guys:

And the gals:

I’ll miss Teresa, but I’m so happy that we were all able to get together to see her! Life has been so busy lately, but this definitely took priority.

And seriously, those fish tacos… so good. They almost numbed me to my apparently nearly-extinct single status. 😉

(I kid, I kid.)



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2 responses to “Goodbye (Again, For Now), Teresa

  1. Those fish tacos look IN-sane and I am lol-ing at those artsy pics.

    Single status is not extinct. I promise! We know how much I love single status. Enjoy it!

  2. actorsdiet

    i’ve always wanted to eat there. even though i don’t drink beer, i love pub food.

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