An End in Sight

Soooo, I have some news.

It’s looking like I’m going to have to get surgery on my knee.

On Tuesday morning, I had a doctor’s appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. I wasn’t really sure what to expect — I just knew that  it was my follow-up appointment, roughly a month after I got the cortisone shot. When my doctor and discussed the so-so result of the shot, however, he gave me two options: live with my knee issues, knowing my knee won’t get better (and will likely get worse), or get surgery. The surgery is our last resort, after trying months of physical therapy, months of rest, and a cortisone shot — all with minimal results.

He basically told me that while the surgery isn’t necessary in the way removing a burst appendix is necessary, it’s necessary if I want my old quality of life back.

To me, that’s necessary. Point, blank.

Anyway, I felt a sense of calm wash over me as he explained the surgery and the results it will bring. I know most people probably don’t react that way to hearing they need to get surgery, but I’m not even scared at all. I feel so much relief in knowing that there might be an end in sight to this half a year of knee issues.

I mean, is it so much to ask for the body of a person my age?

The surgery won’t fix everything (there will still be a little clicking, though there should be less), but it will smooth out a lot of the cartilage, meniscus and alignment issues I’ve been having. My doctor said that I should be able to run again about six weeks after the surgery.

We’ll see about that. I will take it very slow — I really question whether or not I’m meant to run, no matter how much I love running or how badly I want to call myself a runner.

One thing I have very firmly settled on is that if I do get back to running, I will not be running long distances. I will stick to 4-mile (max) runs, I imagine, and won’t go back to doing those six or so per day that I was running. In other words, I think I might have to stick to 5Ks as my race level, not the 10Ks I was previously focused on or the half marathon I once dreamed of.

Having not run at all since the race on my birthday, heck, I’ll take it.

But we’ll see where this all goes.

By the way, I know I haven’t really been mentioning it lately, but I have been working out a lot! I’ve just been working out around my knee. Here’s how it’s been breaking down lately:

Monday: 10 min elliptical + 45 min boot camp (which is essentially strength training + cardio drills)

Tuesday: 65 min elliptical (or off)

Wednesday: 10 min elliptical + 45 min boot camp

Thursday: 65 min elliptical (or off)

Friday: 10 min elliptical + 45 min boot camp

Saturday: 60 min elliptical + 1-2 hrs strength training with the trainer

Sunday: yoga (or off)

I’ve been doing 4-6 (usually 5) days of exercise per week and it feels fantastic.

In other news, I’ve only managed to have a real dinner one night so far this week.

On Monday night, I ended up getting home late enough from work that I just didn’t really feel like making dinner. Mark the best roommate ever, roasted my brussels sprouts for me so they’d be ready when I got home. What a gem, right? So, anyway, I had some roasted brussels sprouts for dinner. Not exactly well-rounded, but at least I got my veggies in, right?

I had a “real” dinner on Tuesday night. I had the remainder of the brussels sprouts with two eggs.

And yes, that was in terrible nighttime lighting.

The brussels sprouts were tossed with EVOO, salt & pepper and were roasted at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. I topped them with a little Garlic Gold, parmesan & romano, too. The eggs were fried over-easy (in non-stick spray) and topped with salt, pepper and some light shredded cheese. Simple and delicious.

On Wednesday night, I went straight from work to a screening of a movie some of my friends made. I was able to tide myself over with a tiny bag of airplane peanuts that I’d stashed in my purse, but that’s all I ended up eating. When I got home around 11pm, all I wanted to do was go to sleep!

I’d show you my breakfasts (I’ve had one of those every day), but I’m not allowed to.

Have you ever had to get surgery for a sports-related issue? I’m curious to hear about your healing processes.


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7 responses to “An End in Sight

  1. Good luck with the knee surgery, I hope you have a quick recovery!!!! Those brussels sprouts look SO good!!!

  2. Good luck with your surgery! I hope everything goes well 🙂

  3. I am glad to hear that you and your doctor chose a route that works best for you. And a 6 week recovery is not too bad at all!

    You have been busy! Hope you are resting a bit this weekend!

  4. Kat

    I had knee surgery at 14 after I tore some ligaments during soccer. I wasn’t scared at all because like you said, I wanted my life back. I didn’t want to take 8 asprin a day (which I was), ice every night and limp after every game. I just wanted to be able to jump tackle and sprint like I could before. To be honest, I really enjoyed the entire process. The surgery was super simple, and the recovery was tough but fun. I got to run on a water treadmill ( a treadmill in a tank full of water!!) And also learned the importance of strength training.
    Your surgery will be great. Good luck!!!

    • This was a really nice and thoughtful comment and I just want to say thank you! I’m not sure I’m getting the surgery and if I do, it won’t be for a while now (things have changed since I wrote the post) but your comment is super helpful to me in terms of making decisions. Thank you!

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