Three Days of Not Not Drinking

Yes, I purposefully used a double negative there.

Today has been busy enough that I kind of straight up just forgot to post. I just looked at the clock and it was 4:00… when did that happen?

So much is going on lately. I love my new job — love it. But it also keeps me busier than either of my last two jobs did, which makes it harder for me to post (don’t worry, I’m still here!). I think it’s awesome that it keeps me so busy.

I’ve been all over the place, in terms of my knee, because I completely settled on having knee surgery and then made a complete 180. I ended up deciding not to get it (at least for now). I found this fairly devastating but I do agree with the reasoning of those who talked me down (Mom). I’m not going to lie, though — seeing that light at the end of the tunnel disappear before my eyes was not easy. There may have been some tears.

I was basically busy all weekend. Also, I had this idea that I wouldn’t drink this weekend and then I drank Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Whoops.

On the bright side, I think I exercised my belief in balance beautifully. As in, I only had one drink (or the rough equivalent thereof – you’ll see what I mean in a second) per night, and I paired them all with very healthy meals.

Anyway, as soon as work was over on Friday night, I headed over to Blue Palms Brewhouse to meet up with Mark, Andy, Amanda, and their friends Travis, Marissa and Brett.  I’ve been excited to try this place ever since the first ColLAboration Pop-Up Beer Garden, since the owner of this bar is one of the partners in ColLAboration.

I got a beer flight.

First, I had the Maui Mana Wheat, which was nice and light and infused with pineapple. Next, I had the Triple Rock Tree Frog Scotch Ale, which was full of flavor. I also got the Drake’s Expedition Red, which was super yummy (probably my favorite) and had really nice caramel notes. Finally, I got the Coronada Idiot IPA, which was hands down the worst beer I have ever tasted. Seriously. Never, ever, ever get it. Ever. I had everyone at the table taste it and not a single person reacted with anything but a sour face. Don’t worry, though, the first three tastes more than made up for the last one.

The food there is also awesome. I was actually really impressed.

I got the Blackened Tofu with Vegetables.

It. Was. So. Good. I nearly cleaned my plate. Also, huge thumbs up to a brewery for offering such a healthy and wholesome meal.

Everybody got something different and everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. Marisa and Travis also ordered a few sides/ appetizers, both of which I sampled. They got the mozzarella balls (yum!) and sweet potato fries.

Both delish.

The people were pretty great, too.

I may or may not have spilled beer all over poor Marisa and myself.


Ended the night with a picture with one of my BFFs. 🙂

I spent the next night with another one of my BFFs (who had also been at the bar the night before).

Saturday night brought a somewhat overdue (since Mark had been sick) dinner with Mark to thank him for taking me to and from the airport when I went to Texas.

We went to one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Chadaka Thai in Burbank.

I got some hot sake (love that stuff) and split it with Mark. Mark also got a couple of Champagne Juleps.

We had a $50 Groupon to fill, so we went all out!

As such, we also split an appetizer — veggie-filled spring rolls.

Now, you know I eat vegetarian about 75% of the time, but I was randomly really craving meat that night. So, I got Panang Curry with Beef and asked them to add vegetables. I didn’t get any rice.

It was perfect and I was happy!

And apparently drunk, or so that picture makes me look.

We were supposed to go to see Hanna (the movie) that night, but we ended up getting really into a project we were working on and spent the night (and the next morning!) on that, instead. No regrets. It was a blast!

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a wine tasting with my lovely friend Claire.

This event was sponsored by a NESCAC (a college association) alumnai group out here in LA, and since Claire and I both went to NESCAC schools, we decided to partake!

The event was held at domaine LA, which is a new (I think?) wine place in LA.

There were three kinds of wine to try. The first was light and sweet, the second was jammy (my favorite!), and the third had kind of a big taste to it. I’m not sure how else to describe that one.

I enjoyed small tastes of all three, but I really loved the second one.

The event also included a sandwich from the Lardon Truck, which was pretty cool.

They were serving the frisee au lardon sandwich, which you can read about here:

I told them I didn’t want the bread and therefore couldn’t get anything with my ticket, but they were super cool and made me a salad, instead.

Claire got the sandwich, though, so I can show you what the meal actually looks like.

The salad was amazing, so I can only imagine how fantastic the sandwich was.

So anyway, so much for not drinking this weekend. But I think I had a pretty solid reason to do so each of those nights!

Two more things…

First, don’t forget to enter my Pretzel Crisps giveaway! It ends in two days.

And second, I’d like to encourage you to sign a petition close to my friend Whitney’s heart and which really falls in line with my ideals.

From her email:

“I just signed Slow Food USA’s petition against legislation that would criminalize taking photos or video of farms.

If you, too, believe that a well-managed farm should have nothing to hide, and that consumers have a right to see how their food is produced, please join me in signing their petition:

Let’s send a clear message that consumers have a right to know where our food comes from. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CLEAN, WHOLESOME, NATURAL and ORGANIC FOOD!!!!!! “

I mean, right?



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6 responses to “Three Days of Not Not Drinking

  1. Paula

    I think that all farms should be inspected, randomly, the same way as health inspectors inspect restaurants. If they are violating the rules for organic food or livestock they should be videotaped and the video put on line. Would need its own site.

  2. Blue Palms was definitely good. I wish I ordered what you got however! You got such a cute picture of Marisa and Travis.

    And that picture of Mark. Love I’m in love.

    You like hot sake? I’ve never had it.

  3. ah, did mark get his hair cut? it looks good if he did…if not, his hair just looked good! 🙂

    and great job on the balance this weekend. jealous of it all.

  4. Such a fun weekend. You look great, by the way. 🙂 Hope to see you next week!

  5. 1) Love that skirt you’re wearing in the pics

    2) amazing picture of amanda and andy. amazing.

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