“Bieres de Champagne”

After hearing my friend Laura rave about Eagle Rock Brewery, I knew I had to check it out.

When I went to go do a little research on their website a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that they have a series called “Women’s Beer Forum,” which is a monthly event in which they host themed tastings and teach the crowd about the beers.

They had one last night with a theme of “Bieres de Champagne.”

My dates for the night: Kelley and Katherine!

One thing I like about Eagle Rock Brewery — the people there are true beer lovers. How do I know this? Because unless you knew about Eagle Rock Brewery, you wouldn’t be there — as in,  it’s not the type of place you just happen upon. It’s basically in an alley and it’s unmarked!

See what I mean?

Inside, you can find a fairly small tap room.

And then, a little further back from there, is the room where they held the Women’s Beer Forum.

It filled up quickly, but we grabbed seats in the front so we could get pictures like good little bloggers.

They gave us a handy-dandy guide…

… And we were off! They poured the tasters in the front and had us line up (okay, crowd around) to pick our glasses up.

First up: Deus (Brut des Flanders) from Brouwerij Bosteels, Belgium

“Chardonnay-like in color with notes of pear and cider in the nose and big spicey aromatics (cinnamon, cumin) and flavors; honey, light fruit, lemon grass, and baking spices. Champagne-like carbonation with a bone dry finish. 11.50% ABV.”

I liked this one a lot. I’d say it was my second favorite of the night. I could definitely taste the honey immediately and, when I paid attention, I could taste the cinnamon, too!

Here are Kelley and Katherine with the bottle:

After we all had our glasses in hand for each round, Ting, who ran the session, would tell us a little more about the beer we were tasting.

Next up: Maltose Falcons Brut from Woodland Hills, CA

“Brewed by members of the Maltos Falcons homebrew club. Comprised mostly of Belgian Pilsner malt with small portions of crystal and aromatic [malts], Styrian Golding and Saaz hops, fermented with Saison and Trappist yeast strains. 11.4% ABV.”

I liked this one too (let’s be honest, I like most beers), but I found it to be a little bit bitter.

Next up: Liefmans Cuvee-Brut from Brouwerij Liefmans, Belgium

“Bright, deep cherry red with a fine pink head. Sweet dark cherry-like aromatics with a tiny hint of tartness. As in the aroma, the flavor is dominated by big cherry sweetness with a touch of tartness to balance, essentially a highly carbonated interpretation of a Kriek. 6% ABV.”

I did not have high hopes for this one — especially when I smelled it and found the scent to be reminiscent of cough syrup. And, upon first sip, I didn’t like it all that much (but definitely thought it tasted a heck of a lot better than cough syrup!). However, as I kept drinking it, the beer actually really grew on me. It reminded me, however, more of cherry soda than it felt like a beer.

Blogger cheers!

Finally, the fourth beer was poured.

Last up: Malheur Brut Noir (Dark Brut) from Brouwerij de Landtsheer, Belgium

“Hazy brown with a billowing brown head, with hints of malt sweetness, ripe fruit (cherries, grapes) and chocolate in the nose. Strong notes of tart cherries, cotton candy, and a spicy fermentation character. Highly carbonated with a velvety mouthfeel. In some respects, a champagne version of a Belgian Quadrupel. 12.00% ABV.”

This was definitely my favorite of the night. It was such big beer with so much complexity of flavor and I felt like I tasted something different with every sip!

Before we left, I snapped a picture of the four bottles…

And, of course, ensured that we got a group shot!

And then, with grumbling bellies (at least, for Katherine and me) we headed outside to the Almoosal truck.

They had a special little menu just for Eagle Rock Brewery goers.

Katherine got the sandwich.

I got a chicken empanada.

And then, in the car, I ate not one, but two of Katherine’s amazing macaroons.

I only meant to have one, but I couldn’t help myself. Seriously, they are out of this world. You guys have to make them. They melt in your mouth.

Anyway, I had a really nice night trying new-to-me beers and hanging out with blogger friends, but boy oh boy was I pooped when I got home. I crashed immediately!

Have you ever heard of Bieres de Champagne? I never had before until last night!


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2 responses to ““Bieres de Champagne”

  1. Becki brews with the Maltose Falcons! How cool! Jealous I wasn’t able to make it! Miss you guys

  2. Awww girls time, glad to see you three hanging out again.

    I don’t know anything about beer, except that if I’m somewhere only serving beer, I will pick budlight. I also know that I prefer light tasting beers. I would like to know more about beer and I think a beer tasting would be great. Is there a beer 101 tasting?

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