The Big Announcement

Are you ready?

Really, I think the question is: am I ready?

I’m quitting the gym. I’m changing up my entire routine. Why?

Because this came in the mail the other day:

The really important stuff:

In (pretty obsessively) reading all of the material and reading tons of stuff on the internet (I like to do my research!), I am feeling about 75% excited and 25% nervous.

Honestly, I’m mostly just thrilled to have something new to work toward and work with. I’ve been in my gym routine for over two years now and, let’s be honest, it stopped working. I stopped losing weight about a year and a half ago and I don’t really know what to do about that anymore. Plus, without any races to look forward to, I just need something else fitness-related to focus on.

So, I put some feelers out there on twitter and on facebook to both see what people thought of the program and to see if anyone had an old copy that they felt like getting rid of (P90X is expensive, yo!).

Who came to my rescue? Fellow blogger and friend from middle school, Parvin.

Parvin actually represents one of my very favorite things about blogging. I honestly hadn’t spoken to her since middle school, up until a few months ago. Then, somehow, we found each others’ blogs, started chatting, and realized just how much we have in common today and just how well we get along, all these years later. Pretty cool, right?

Also, her blog is really cool. I love the concept. Check it out. My favorite part is how she puts a relevant quote at the end of every post.

Here’s the card she sent me (hope it’s okay that I’m sharing, Parvin!):

Christine is actually another mutual friend who lives in LA and one whom I also hadn’t spoken to since middle school but found again through social media.

To thank Parvin for sending me her P90X, I sent her a batch of my homemade granola bars. And then she posted on facebook about it.

Our generation is so cool.

Anyway, back to the point of this post: P90X.

Mark and I are doing it together, which is good for both accountability and the buddy factor. Everything is more fun with a friend, right?

The program is intense. It’s a thirteen week program intended to basically shock the body and build muscle while trimming fat. I’m all over that ish.

It’s a different video (or two) every day, generally filling up about an hour and a half per day.

No days are optional. “Rest” days can be rest days or stretch days, but stretching is encouraged and, given my injury-prone ways, I’ll definitely be making them stretch days.

So, basically, our next three months look like this:

I know, right?

You may have noticed that we officially start on Monday. We’re doing the Fit Test on Sunday. It’s going to be awesome.

Mark and I will be doing the program slightly differently. For instance, I will be substituting all Plyometrics (lots of bending and jumping and just altogether not good for knees) with either Kenpo X or Cardio X (we’ll see as it goes), while Mark plans to do the program as is.

Naturally, since I’m ridiculously Type A, I printed out different sheets to differentiate our programs and results.

Furthermore, Mark doesn’t have any weight to lose but just wants to bulk up, while I definitely want to lose weight. Therefore, I’ll be more closely following the strictest nutrition regimen, while he’ll be following a different one.

That being said, I’m not sure how strictly we’ll be following the nutrition program at all. Mark is a vegetarian and while I am not a vegetarian, I’m sure you’ve noticed that meat is more of a “sometimes” food for me than a food group I eat with any kind of regularity. The P90X plan is certainly one that vegetarians can follow, but I am not sure how much it really aligns with how Mark or I think we should eat. Still, we will certainly be using their general guidelines.

More than anything else, nutrition-wise, I think the P90X program will lead us to significantly increasing our protein intake while generally lowering (but not eliminating) our carbohydrate, vegetable and fruit intakes (it really pains me to say that about fruits and vegetables… so… we’ll see).

Fitness-wise, I’m really curious to see how this goes with Mark because we’re both really competitive. Mark tries to pretend he’s not, but he so is. I, on the other hand, am more like Monica on Friends. I am absurdly competitive, especially when it’s fitness-related. Mark is currently in better shape than I am, so… it’s going to be interesting.

As for how this will affect the blog — personally, I think it’s going to make it a lot more interesting. I am not going to post my before pictures and stats, etc., mostly because I don’t think they’re really all that interesting or pertinent.

I imagine that, as you read about my experience with P90X, you’re going to want to hear about the experience — what the workouts are like, how I’m feeling from day to day, what the “recovery” weeks are like, how my knee is handling the workouts, if and where I’m building muscle, how much I think nutrition plays a part, etc.

Honestly, I think we’ll figure it out as we go along.

I’d really like your input, though — what do you want to hear about my P90X experience?



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15 responses to “The Big Announcement

  1. a video! You guys should definitely make a video!

  2. Ohh I am so excited to read about this!!! People get amazing results with it! You might have to rename your blog “Kaitlin with Muscles”!

  3. Yay! Cannot wait to read all about it. Love when you blog about fitness!

  4. I can’t wait to hear how you like it! My uncle bought all the DVDs and stopped doing it after a week- apparently it was too intense for him, haha! I’m especially curious about the nutrition portion. Less fruits and veggies?!

  5. Amy

    Wow Kaitlin – you never cease to impress me. I am so proud of and rooting for both you and Mark. Can’t wait to hear about the process. I like that you are focusing on the journey and not just the destination. Especially with exercise and weightloss, you tend to hear about inches lost and pounds dropped, but you dont hear about the days where your hungry and tired and your muscles hurt. It will be good to get a blow by blow account of the p90x system! You are such an inspiration!

  6. Erin

    Best of luck! I did them for about a month before I decided it was too big of a commitment. I felt GREAT while doing it, but my work/school/social life couldn’t handle it. Be sure you listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard – I know *several* people who have injured themselves because they overdid it.

  7. Jenna

    Wow that’s great you are trying that new system out. Have you done Zumba before? Is it kind of intense like that? I guess you’ll find out. How exciting! I saw an ad on tv and it looked pretty cool.

  8. I personally have never done P90X but I have had several friends who completed the workouts. While they did admit that the workouts were quite tough, they LOVED the results.

  9. mary

    I always read your blog, but have never posted. I guess I have to now, beacuse I am doing p90x too. I am around day 30. You are gonna love it! P.S. I still eat about a 100 servings of fruit a day! No way am I giving up my favorite food group. I understand they don’t want you to eat as many carbs, but it’s not like I’m eating white bread and doritos.
    Good luck! xoxo

  10. So excited to see your progress with the program!

  11. I have P90X and tried it for 1.5-2 months…the reason I stopped is because my clothes actually started getting tighter, and it freaked me out. Also, I had exercise bands but I never felt like I was getting the right workout-they always felt too easy no matter what I did. And I don’t have a pullup bar, nor was I going to get one.

    If anything, I really want to try the Insanity DVD’s because there is no equipment required and I’ve heard excellent things about it. However, those are uber-expensive as well!

    Also, I’ve found that group exercise classes are more my style because I’m competitive. At home, when it’s just me, I tend to slack off. Haha 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what you think of this though!

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