P90X: The Fit Test

First, a quick update:

Mark and I actually had to push our start date of P90X about a week. The plan is to start on Sunday, and hopefully we’ll be able to do so. We pushed it because my knees have both been really bothering me and we want to start when we’re both in prime shape to do so. There’s no point in starting it to only have to stop, right?

I’ll post our new calendar in a bit so you can see what it looks like.

Over the weekend, we did manage to watch the “How To Bring It” video.

As we watched, I think we both got a little scared as we realized what we were getting ourselves into. This program is no joke.

Anyway, we took our measurements, took our “before” pictures, and did the Fit Test this morning.

We took a bunch of lovely pictures for you to enjoy.

It was early.

Before we got started, we were instructed to warm up for about ten minutes. Naturally, we opted for the silly route.

To be clear, Mark was trying to run like Phoebe on “Friends.”

I opted more for the Soccer Mom route.

I threw in a little Irish jig, too.

Oh, and tried a little cheerleading on for size.

We all have our strengths. Mine lie in acting like an idiot.

And honestly, acting silly while warming up is exhausting. We really might have expelled too much energy.

Yea, we’ll blame the results of the Fit Test on that. 😉

I wish we had taken video. Also, I’m pretty sure our neighbors hated us for doing this at 6am. Sorry, neighbors.

Anyway. The Fit Test.

Test #1: Pull Ups

I wish it hadn’t started there. Very disheartening. Mark passed with flying colors. Men need to pull off three in order to pass. Women are supposed to be able to do one.

I’m pretty sure giving me even “1/4” would be being generous.

Prettttty sure I didn’t move at all.

Fortunately, the test acknowledges that many people cannot do a pull up. Thank goodness. I am one of those people.

Test #2: Vertical Leap

This is where Mark and I were able to reach on the wall.

The footstool was there for the purpose of measuring, not for the test.

This time, we both passed easily. You’re supposed to have a vertical leap of 5 inches if male and 3 inches if female. Done and done. Whew!

Test #3: Push Ups

Look at that focus!

Mark, who has been doing push ups correctly for a long time, did this quite well. Men need to be able to do eight and he did that easily.

I, apparently, have been cheating on my push ups for a long time. I first did 20, cheating, and then decided not to count them. Then I did three correctly (all women actually need to pass) just to prove to myself that I could actually pass the test.

Test #4: Toe Touch

I was blessed (“blessed”) with short legs, so this one was very easy for me.

Mark, who is crazy flexible (thank all the yoga!), killed this one.

Oh, wait, that one was a joke.

There we go.

You only need to be 6 inches from your toes to pass and we both reached past our toes. Easy peasy.

Test #5: Wall Squat

I liked this one a lot, basically because I’m good at it.

I told you I’m competitive.

You need to be able to do a minute to pass. We both succeeded. I did two just for fun.

Test #6: Bicep Curls

Mark kicked ass at this one, using 20 lb weights and doing the maximum required (15 reps), which I found very impressive.

I think I may have to get some new weights — we’ll see — because I ended up using 15 lb weights instead of what I thought I should be using (12 lbs). They suggest 8 lbs for women, but I’m pretty strong. Anyway, I still did more reps with a higher count than they require (women need to be able to do 10 curls with 8 lbs and I did 15 curls with 15 lbs), so I’m good.

I’m a beast.

Really, it’s a wonder that I don’t have a boyfriend.

Test #7: In & Outs

This one was hard because I find all ab exercises hard, but again, Mark and I managed to do better than the test requires (we liked it when we could do that).

You’re supposed to be able to do 25 and we each did 30. I actually think we both could have done more, but at this point we were running out of time.

Test #8: Heart Rate Maximizer

No pictures of this one, basically because the focus here was to get your heart rate up and I didn’t want to distract from that.  We easily passed this, but I will say we both had trouble with our heart rate monitor skills.

Good thing the test wasn’t on technology.


Mark passed every single test and did so easily except for the wall squat. He still got that one, but, I think, would have much preferred to end it earlier. In his defense, he had quite the workout yesterday.

As for me, I passed almost every test, but did not pass the pull up test. Fortunately, this is not an absolute requirement. I found some tests easier than others. The wall squat and bicep curls, for instance, were no big deal. However, I’d say I barely passed the push up test.

All in all, I think we both feel ready for P90X to begin. We’re both excited.

My only concern is that my knee is actually aching right now. I am really, really, REALLY hoping I will be able to work this out.


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6 responses to “P90X: The Fit Test

  1. Wow, I don’t think I could even pass that fit test, let alone day one of p90x! Nice job, guys!

  2. great job on passing all the tests! i’ve got that pull up bar too and it’s taking me forever to get to doing just one! i remember when i was in high school and i could do 5!!! and 40 man pushups!!!

  3. I wonder if I would be able to pass that fit test. I sort of doubt it! You two look great!

  4. woooooooooooh p90x????? thats intense. you go girl 😉

  5. This post is amazing. I love you two goof balls!

  6. Mark

    I’d say you were pretty generous with your description of my pull-ups. (THANKS!)

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