Goodbye, Nutrition Pyramid. Hello, MyPlate.

I seriously, seriously, seriously love our First Lady, Michelle Obama.

I think that her decision to focus on teaching better health habits to our country in order to fight childhood obesity is admirable, relevant, and important.

Knowledge is power!

First, she has Let’s Move, which focuses on getting kids to be more active.


(Okay, seriously, how cool is she? I want to be her friend. I really think we’d get along.)

And now, with a focus on getting our country to eat healthier…


… she’s gone and released a wonderful new nutrition graph.

I’ve long had questions about our old nutrition pyramid, which certainly broke food groups down, but also seemed kind of difficult to translate into every day life.


How does a pyramid translate easily into actual meals? I find that very confusing. I feel like I should be weighing everything and doing lots of math.

The new design, released yesterday, is of a plate. Specifically, MyPlate. And it translates directly into meals.


It’s more accessible to everyone, too, by calling two of those categories “protein” and “dairy” rather than “meat & beans” and “milk.” I especially like is that dairy is on the side rather than on the plate, which makes the new design more accessible to vegans, in particular.

I think a lot of Americans have a problem with simply not knowing how to eat healthy. They’ll think they are, but they aren’t. I think that MyPlate is perfect for people who simply need an accessible visual for use as a quick reference.

When you look at that plate, it’s very easy to understand that half of your plate should be consumed by fruits and vegetables. It’s very easy to see, proportionally, how big your protein should be in comparison to the other food groups. It’s also very clear that good meals are balanced meals.

You’ll note that there is no room on the plate for processed foods, nor are there categories for added fats and sugars. I think this is a great way of showing Americans that processed foods and added fats and sugars are not meant to be a part of our daily diet. MyPlate has a solid emphasis on whole foods, and I think that is fantastic.

Visit the MyPlate website for more (very helpful!) information.


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2 responses to “Goodbye, Nutrition Pyramid. Hello, MyPlate.

  1. I love Michelle Obama too! I met her once (back in 2007) when I ambushed her at a basketball ball game and she is fierce and fantastic in real life!

  2. I agree with you about this new food pyramid, it is so much easier to translate and will hopefully be a positive influence on many American households.

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