The Injury Zone

It’s times like these when I’m glad I have a blog.

I’m in a deep, dark hole of injury defeat right now, if I’m being honest, and I’m having trouble crawling out of it.

At work, I’m trading off between sitting so that I can ice and elevate my knee, and standing to relieve the Sciatica. I’m sure you can imagine how fun that is.

I went to Physical Therapy this morning and, when my PT asked how my knee was feeling, I started crying.

That was embarrassing.

The same thing happened when Mark asked how I was doing last night, but there are certain people it’s easier to cry around. I start crying, for instance, the second I hear my mom’s voice when I’m upset. Mark can have a similar effect. I think it has to do with comfort level. But at PT, I honestly thought I would have my shit together. I think, though, after holding in how upset I was all day at work yesterday, it’s just getting harder and harder to not really feel how upset I am.

So anyway, that’s kind of what I meant about appreciating being a blogger at times like these. You guys are all such fantastic resources, both in terms of speaking from your own experiences and just, simply, being supportive.

One of you mentioned that you feel like an old lady at 27 because you can’t do anything high impact. Girl, I feel ya.

One of you waited until now to tell me you thought P90X sucked. That made me smile.

A lot of friends and family who read my blog but don’t usually comment have let me know that they, too, have suffered from injuries and understand what I’m going though. Not that I want other people to have to deal with this same shitty situation, but it is nice to know I’m not the only one. This, of course, is obvious, but it’s hard to see that sometimes.

Anyway, I know I haven’t really been myself lately, and I’m sorry. I almost kind of don’t know what to blog about at the moment, but I think that will come back when I start swimming again, and — hopefully — with the rehabilitation of my knee and back.

At the suggestion of Parvin (yes, the very same who gave me P90X — it’s almost ironic), I’m thinking about doing Bikram yoga.

Actually, she even suggested it in the card that came with her copy of P90X.

That really is ironic.

Interestingly enough, Parvin just posted about Bikram yesterday. Maybe it’s fate.

Now, we all know I’m not the biggest yoga fan, but I’ve been told by various people that Bikram is good for the knees.

Thoughts on Bikram? I am also open to other knee-friendly, low-impact exercise suggestions. I just really, really need to be moving again. In fact, my PT this morning suggested that the very reason I developed Sciatica is because I’ve been sitting 11-ish hours at work every day and not working out has only been hurting me. So. Movement! I need it! Help a sister out!



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14 responses to “The Injury Zone

  1. Stephanie

    Be careful with Bikram. Dorry over at Living with Healthy Hunger actually just posted about how she ended up injured because the heat and the poses can push you too hard. I think Yoga might be a great idea, but given your injuries, I’m leaning so hard on the side of caution that says “talk to your PT”. =)

  2. OH NO. I am sorry about all the injury woes. I love Bikram lots. I am not sure how it compares to other yogas because it’s the only one I have done.

  3. what about biking? From my understanding it’s very low impact. Not sure if the workout complements your specific injuries tho…….

  4. Awe, you are definitely not alone. I actually stopped running recently to avoid injury. I’m sticking to walking for now. It’s frustrating when your body betrays you. But you are strong, and you have the right support, and you’re doing the right thing by going to your doc. You will be out of this soon. Keep up your dedication to health!

  5. Paula

    A couple decades … oops, maybe 3 … the Rebounder was a popular device. It is a mini trampoline about 3 feet in diameter with 6″ legs. The only rules are to keep your knees loose and no shoes. As you probably know blood is pumped by the heart but the lymph system doesn’t have a pump. Muscle contractions are what moves lymph. Bouncing is great for moving lymph. People in a wheel chair or who can’t stand to jump can still benefit. They can sit and bounce their feet on the bed of the rebounder. I bought mine through a health/medical company but I have since seen them, although not as well made, in some department stores. Because you bounce, this is the ultimate in low impact exercise. If you bounce long enough, you can get a cardio reaction.

  6. I am sorry you are feeling crappy my friend. Love you.

    I love yoga. I’ve never done bikram because heat makes me bitchy. Is that the lamest excuse ever or what? But stretching is fabulous!

  7. Hi Kaitlin, I’m a new reader. Sorry to hear about your injury woes, that sucks. Don’t worry though, the body is amazing and its muscle memory is amazing. I took almost 6 months off from exercise, for a number of reasons, and it only took 2 weeks-ish for my muscles and body to remember what to do. You’ll get there.

    I have to say, I’m not sure about Bikram being the right form of yoga for your injuries- it may aggravate your sciatica. However, I do think that yoga (or pilates) is defo a good move. Iyengar yoga is the best form when you have injuries because you ease into the positions slowly and the teacher is more involved in helping you modify the pose so that it has a therapeutic effect and is more individualised. Hope that helps! Feel better soon x

  8. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time 😦 Injuries are the worst!

    I agree! Yoga all the way. It gets you moving, but you can do whatever impact level fits you best. Plus it helps relieve stress!

  9. Paula

    I had another idea – horseback riding. This form of therapy is especially good for sciatica.

  10. hillary

    Hi Kaitlyn! I never leave comments, but always enjoy your posts. i love bikram though, so i wanted to throw you my two cents… i’d say go for it! i have never had knee issues, but i have heard people raving about the therapeutic benefits of bikram after knee injuries. i totally hear you that it can seem intimidating, but just take it very easy for your first class. don’t try to be a rockstar by doing all 26 poses on day 1 and just go slow. if you need to lie on your mat half the class, that is just fine. as long as you stay in the room and get used to the heat, you’re golden. the day of your first class, drink plenty of water and hold off on eating anything within 2-3 hours of class. you don’t want a heavy stomach. i thought i’d never come back after the first class, but i am so glad i did. even in the second class, you know the poses a bit and improve already. progress comes quickly, which is one of the best parts! i just recently had a “breakthrough” class in which i went deeper into every pose and held them longer. it felt amazing!!

  11. Jennifer

    I’ve never done bikram yoga, but I do love yoga. It seems that the proper balance of stretching does help my knee/leg. I’m cheering for you all the way from NY! ~the “old lady” 🙂

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