Married Saturday

Mark and I realized we were basically married on Saturday.

The first thing we did on Saturday morning was to head to South Pasadena.

Why? Brunch.

I haven’t “done brunch” in the longest time — maybe a year ago? Brunch isn’t really a regular thing for me, obviously.

Anyway, on our way to our brunch, we stopped and smelled some roses.

Well, Mark did, anyway. I just took pictures.

And then, when we got to the train tracks, Mark didn’t particularly heed the sign.

I, however, squealed like a girl (fittingly) and leapt back. So, for the next few minutes, we entertained ourselves by awkwardly waving and making funny faces at each other from across the tracks.

Finally, the train passed and we were able to make it to our destination.


After sampling some bread…

And buying no fewer than three loaves

(Dakota, Cinnamon Chip, and Sun-dried Tomato Pesto)

… we finally ordered our meals.

Mark also got a soy latte…

… which I tried to steal.

It didn’t work out so well. He took it back.

By the way, I think I’ve lost all ability to take a normal picture.

Anyway, our meals came and they were amazing.

Mark got an egg sandwich on sourdough. It comes with two eggs, provolone, and a garlic herb spread. He added tomato.

I got an egg sandwich on honey whole wheat. I asked them to hold the garlic herb spread and added bacon.

The bacon was (obviously) good, but next time, I’d leave it off. I ended up removing one of the eggs because the sandwich was just… a lot.

We devoured as much as we could.

(Worst picture of Mark ever taken. I did, however, get permission to post it. Oh, the things that boy will do for the blog.)

By the end, I was in a food coma.

I was seriously craving (and in need of) some caffeine after that breakfast. I was particularly craving flavored coffee.

Fortunately, we found this place across the street.

I ❤ South Pasadena.

I was thrilled to see that they had flavored coffee — Vanilla Nut, to be exact, which was perfect.

Anyway, Mark and I spent about another hour in South Pasadena, basically checking out little antique stores and boutiques.

Then, we went to Glendale to do a little shopping at the Americana. Happily, we ran into a farmer’s market!

Even better, I scored two shirts on sale at Anthropologie. 🙂

Next, Mark and I hit up World Market. However, by this point, all of the action combined with my pain meds made me really tired really quickly. Mark might tell you I got a just a little bit loopy.

So, we headed home. But, on the way home, we discovered this wonderful little area with a French bakery and, naturally, had to stop in.

I mean, if you don’t stop at a newly discovered French bakery, I just don’t know about you.

I got three little cookies:

An almond tuile (tasted like an almond madeleine), an almond tart of sorts (OMG), and a chocolate biscotti (the only disappointment).

After that, we went home and I promptly changed into stretchy pants and laid down to read a magazine and watch Zombieland.


After that, we baked.

I might have still been a little tired from my nap.

But the cookies sure woke me up!

I know, right?

That night, Mark and I went out to dinner and to see Super 8 with a bunch of our friends. It was so much fun. Then, Mark and I went home and went to sleep.

Married. See?



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15 responses to “Married Saturday

  1. I DIDN’T KNOW WE HAVE A GREAT HARVEST!!!!!!!! Wow! Crazy! I have to go over there!!!! Does it come with Andes Candies?! I love the Americana. I always find good deals over there for some reason. And it’s stone’s throw from target. Love. =)

  2. haha, like an old married couple.

  3. I’m cracking up over the expressions on your faces in these pictures. Congrats on the Anthro finds! I’m jealous. I love Anthro.

  4. Your hubby is showing a lot of cleavage in that pic there… Rein him in, woman!

  5. I love love love Great Harvest! Their honey whole wheat with fresh honey butter is my favorite!!!

  6. actorsdiet

    what’s that cute little bakery?!?

  7. I lived in Los Angeles for two years and come back for visits quite often (this past weekend!) and have never been to South Pasadena. This post is convincing me to go and check it out!

  8. I’ve been meaning to make a trip to Great Harvest in Pasadena! After you left that comment on a post I did about the Great Harvest in Arizona about the spinach feta bread, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some!

  9. oh my goodness great harvest. That might be worth a the trip to Pasadena. And yay for anthro! They are having a killer sale right now (I would know since I just there shopping. I have issues. We know this.)

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