Inland Empire Food Truck Festival

This weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the Inland Empire Food Truck Festival as Media (thanks, Ashley!).

My friend Josh got to come as Media, too — as my plus one! He refused, however, to wear his pass right side up.

Oh, well. Can’t win ’em all.

I was a big fan of this event. It had a great sense of community and there was definitely fun for all ages. They had a whole kids area, they had events, they had lots of food (of course), and there were bar areas. Fun for all.

There were so many trucks. Over 50, actually!

We perused the entire festival before stopping at our first truck, which was The Lime Truck.

Only Robyn, Josh and I waited in line for this one.

Robyn and I knew immediately that we needed to stop at this truck because one menu item caught both of our eyes: The Ultimate Taco.

This was actually my favorite thing that we tried all day.

It was Robyn’s, too. Eating picture!

Right after that, we met up with our friends Chris and Jason.

Our first stop all together: The LudoTruck.

Everybody got an assortment of things. All I was really aware of was that there were chicken balls.

Naturally, I spent the rest of my time in line texting my mother about it. As I’ve mentioned before, she cracks up at the word “balls.”

Balls in real life!

They were amazing. They explode in your mouth.

Yes, I did that on purpose.

More eating pictures!

We also got a Lavender Honey Biscuit.

It was… interesting. You could really taste the lavender. I wasn’t totally into that.

At this point, it was getting really hot. Naturally, we ventured over to the bar for some margaritas.

This probably makes me sound like a total lush (hurry, put on your surprise faces!), but they were so weak that I couldn’t even taste the alcohol. And then, I mean, really, what’s the point? Then it’s just empty sugar calories.

As opposed to empty alcohol calories.

Don’t worry about it.

At this point, we decided to take a little break from all of the food and sip our margaritas while watching some of the entertainment. Said entertainment included watching skateboarders and roller derby girls.

Soon after, it was time for ice cream! Coolhaus, to be specific.

I could have been adventurous and tried a truck I’d never experienced before, but then I saw this:

And really, it was all over from there.

It was good! It did, however, kind of just taste like coffee ice cream.

Josh got Bananas Foster on Peanut Butter cookies. Photo bomb!

It was epic.

Last up! Robyn and I had both noted the fish taco description at the Slapfish Truck on our way in and decided we needed to try it even though we were full.

It was good, but it wasn’t great. I was way more into my oh-so-necessary water.

Regret of the day: Not trying The Grilled Cheese Truck.

But, I’m sorry, that line was just too damn long all day.

Favorite picture of the day (and I’ll leave you here):


Rehab Days 3 & 4




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9 responses to “Inland Empire Food Truck Festival

  1. Wow, so cool!!!!! I love LA’s food trucks!!! The Mac & Cheese truck is amazing. But it comes around a bunch, I’m sure you’ll get to it soon enough! So exciting you had Icelandic water too! YUM!

    I haven’t hit up Cool Haus yet, but I think it would be dangerous if I did. =)

  2. squigglefloey

    Haha don’t worry, my friend waited 3hrs for the Grilled Cheese and she said she could’ve made a better one at home herself 😛

  3. Yessssss you tried Ludo! Amazing! And the thing with grilled cheese is that it is an event and you have to be OK with an hour + long wait. Oh, and beer and pretzel ice cream? I WANT!

  4. Mark

    i really want some Coolhaus now! Also, I know I’m a vegetarian but those chicken balls look DAMN good!

  5. the IE is finally into the food trucks. The 1st IE event was in Chino in April and the Chino Valley Festival will host another on September 17th. We’d love to have you attend.

  6. I feel so disappointed that the beer pretzel ice cream tasted like coffee! It legit was making me drool!

    • It tasted like coffee because it was made from a stout (which usually taste like coffee). It was definitely an interesting experience but there are better ice creams from Coolhaus that I would definitely get over this one!

  7. I’m so glad you went! I really wanted to go!

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