GIVEAWAY! Do You Love Love?

Okay, guys, here’s the deal.

My friends Matt and Kelli are getting married, but they need a little bit of help to have the wedding of their dreams.

I’m a total sap and love all things love and wedding, so, naturally, I volunteered to help them out.

And then I got all presumptuous and talked you guys up, saying how I bet my readers would be all over wanting to help them raise money for their wedding.

Sorry about that.

But it’s okay, because you guys love love, right??

Well, because I love you guys just as much as I love love, I’m going to make it a little more interesting for you. I’m turning it into a giveaway! And who doesn’t like giveaways?

The prize: I’ll bake you Italian Wedding Cake Cookies (appropriate, right?). These are also known, to my family, as Butterballs.

They are literally my favorite cookies in the world and I don’t break these babies out for just anyone.

I haven’t even posted the family recipe because I have been prohibited from doing so.

They’re that good. My family won’t share.

But I will! A (big) batch of them, anyway.

All you have to do is help a brotha (and a sista) out.

Ways to Enter:

I’m giving you UNLIMITED entries. UNLIMITED! See below…

(U.S. residents only — sorry, international friends!)

Mandatory First Entry:

  1. Donate ($5 minimum), then leave a comment here letting me know that you did. And here’s the kicker: you get an entry for every $5 you donate.  Just make sure to let me know how many entries you’re eligible for in your comment. So, if you donate $5, you get one entry. If you donate $20, you get four entries. And if you donate $100, then I’m really jealous of your bank account you get twenty entries!

Hell, if you donate $100, I’ll probably bake you a batch of cookies even if you don’t win the giveaway.

Extra, Extra! (Entries):

  1. Tweet about it, linking to this post, then comment here letting me know that you did (linking to your tweet in your comment). That’s one extra entry.
  2. For bloggers: mention and link to this giveaway in one of your posts, then comment here letting me know that you did (linking to your post in your comment). I’ll give you three extra entries for that!

You have until Friday, July 1st at noon PST.

Thanks in advance for making me look good. Oh, and for helping my friends! 😉


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11 responses to “GIVEAWAY! Do You Love Love?

  1. lol… why didn’t I think of fund raising for our wedding?

  2. lauren

    I donated $5.. I get an entry!

  3. Robyn R.

    I get 10 ENTRIES!! Whooooooooo! The cookies are MINE!

  4. andrea flinchbaugh

    Can I get a copy of that recipe???? Andrea – your favorite aunt

  5. Sorry, Robyn, they’re mine. 😉 Put me down for two entries.

  6. Claire

    I love love! … and cookies. 1 entry please!

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  8. Rachel

    so happy to donate to a great cause for awesome people 🙂 and the chance to win cookies!!!

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