Grease Is the Word

I had such an action-packed weekend full of fun pictures that I’m going to do it in three posts. Hooray! We’ll start with Friday night, which was at the Hollywood Bowl.

It was — wait for it — a Grease Sing-A-Long!

Sometimes, I think I lead the coolest life.

I went with a mish-mosh group of work friends, blogger friends, and film school friends. I like combining my worlds!

The people: Chris, Rachel, Amy, Irving, Kelley (not pictured above) and Katherine.

Amy was particularly prepared for the picnicking. Check out her kit! (TWSS? No…)

I managed to stick to my diet despite being surrounded by cookies, chips, wine and beer… yay me!

That salad is awesome, by the way. Get it. TJ’s (duh).

A few happy friends shots…

Chris & Amy:

Kelley & Irving:

Kelly, Katherine & me (please note that Katherine and I maintained our poses, per usual):

Me & Chris:

Oh, and here’s another shot of the Bowl, complete with the Hollywood sign in the distance.

After we finished picnicking, it was time to take our seats. We were able to catch the tail end of the costume contest. It was adorable. It was also led by Didi Conn, who played Frenchie! Her voice hasn’t changed a bit.

Meanwhile, we entertained ourselves with the little goodie bags they handed out. These goodie bags were full of props to play with during the movie (ADORABLE, by the way).

We got a head start and played with them before the movie started. 🙂

My blogger friends were slightly better behaved.

Once the show started, it was too dark and not worth taking pictures, but let me tell you — it was a blast. The crowd was so much fun and sang loudly along with everything. I would totally, 100% do it again and highly recommend it next year (if they do it) to any fellow Los Angelites.

Rehab Day 9 (Friday)

40 minutes strength training circuit (all arms & upper back)

Rehab Day 10 (Saturday)

1 hr 15 minutes yoga (I’ll post about this tomorrow!)

about an 1 hr 30 min walking (I’ll post about this tomorrow, too!)

Rehab Day 11 (Sunday)

5 minutes swimming. It was supposed to be more, but my goggles were completely defective and I gave up. So…

Rest Day 🙂

Rehab Day 12 (Monday)

Swimming: 30 laps in 30 minutes

Oh, don’t forget to enter my giveaway! My friends are awesome and my cookies are epic!



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5 responses to “Grease Is the Word

  1. That looks like such a fun night. I’m gonna go play my Grease soundtrack now. 🙂

  2. omg looks like such a fun time…delish food , friends , and a musical?? sounds like a perfect night to me 🙂

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